Darkify – wallpapers for AMOLED displays

Darkify – wallpapers for AMOLED displays

14 March 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Darkify – wallpapers for AMOLED displays.

AMOLED displays don’t like white. Battery consumption in the case of AMOLED displays is accelerated if the wallpaper on the desktop is made in bright colors. The reason lies in the technology itself. In AMOLED displays, subpixels are diodes that illuminate themselves, unlike TFTs. And that is why the diodes simply do not burn on a black background, thereby minimizing battery consumption. Therefore, wallpapers made in dark colors are most relevant for owners of smartphones with AMOLED displays. And Darkify is an app that will help you quickly find quality wallpapers.

The main disadvantage of Darkify can be called ads – there are too many of them, and they are everywhere. We are talking about both pop-up banners and inserts at the bottom and top of the display. The application runs surprisingly very smoothly, and the collection of wallpapers itself is also very pleasing, but it is the huge amount of advertising that spoils the impression.

To set the wallpaper, we select the picture we like, then click on the button at the bottom right of the screen and select “Set As”. After that, the wallpaper will be applied to the desktop.

Application: Black wallpaper, AMOLED, Dark background: Darkify

Developer: Helper Dev

Category: Lifestyle

Price: Free

Download: Google Play