Telegram will make emoticons even more attractive. However, not all.

Telegram will make emoticons even more attractive. However, not all.

31 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Telegram has long been a real force. This is probably the only force that can challenge WhatsApp and match it in greatness. But this does not mean that developers should not come up with something new. Fortunately, they themselves understand this and work to achieve results. I am also glad that they are doing better than the developers of WhatsApp. And now we have a new feature that should help make using the messenger even easier and more enjoyable. True, the function will be available only to subscribers of the paid version, but these are already trifles and, perhaps, soon the function will become free for everyone.

Content :

  • 1. Reactions in Telegram
  • 2. Stickers in Telegram and WhatsApp
  • 3. Who will get new emoticons
  • 4. Why Telegram became paid

1. Reactions in Telegram.

Instant messaging app Telegram introduced a reaction to emoji at the beginning of the year. This feature was an instant hit and received a lot of user approval. This was needed when simple answers were impossible or inconvenient. And then put a quick reaction and you’re done.

You can also make quick answers with stickers. I even told you separately how to find, install and use them. There are also just emojis that look pretty good, and when sent one at a time, they still animate, but when you need to send several emojis at once to make the answer more individual, then the difficulties begin. They are sent just as pictures, which is a rather big problem for our eyes, accustomed to the dynamics.

Sending reactions and stickers is convenient when you need to answer in monosyllables and there is no desire to write a long message. That is why they have become so widely used. But it is the emoji sequence that can become an even more interesting way to communicate when the emoji in it become animated.

2. Stickers in Telegram and WhatsApp

Every good messaging app has its own collection of stickers, and Telegram (where we have our own news channel) is no exception to this rule – animated stickers can add a twist. However, they always had to be sent as a separate standalone response. Users couldn’t even post text along with them. This may have made them a black sheep for some users, but Telegram’s latest beta may change that.

The Android Police publication shared information that their readers found in beta version 8.9.0 the ability to send stickers as part of an inline response. The test method used a random selection of stickers from several sets to create a response.

In this case, there seems to be no limit to the number of stickers that can be attached to an inline response.

3. Who will get new emoticons

Of course, there’s always a catch to these things, and whoever brought this up is a paid subscriber to the recently launched Telegram Premium. In free accounts, if you install the corresponding beta version, this feature does not appear. And this can only mean that, at least for now, the function will be available only to those who are willing to pay for the advanced features of the messenger.

In recent months, WhatsApp has outpaced Telegram in the emoji battle by offering its entire set to be used as replies to messages. Meanwhile, Telegram only offers a limited set of 17 emoji for the same purpose for free users – other reactions can only be unlocked in Telegram Premium.

4. Why Telegram became paid?

For a long time, Pavel Durov’s messenger was completely free and did not offer any monetization model. But the content of such a product is too expensive not to charge for it. Therefore, it was decided to introduce a paid subscription. By itself, it does not disable any functions for those who do not want to pay, but only gives new ones to those who are ready to support the project

Are you among them?

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