6 Cool Android Widgets You Should Try

6 Cool Android Widgets You Should Try

12 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

6 Cool Android Widgets You Should Try. It is always a big problem to find a good and interesting smart phone widget. Because of this, many do not take advantage of the very nice Android feature that allows you to place widgets on your desktop. They can be arranged in different ways and so to ensure that the interface becomes even more convenient. I’ve gone without widgets for a long time, but lately I’ve started using some and picked up a few options that I like. I know that my opinion is shared by many and I am ready to share the list so that everyone can try to find something for themselves and make the interface of their smartphone even more interesting.


#Widgets for Android
1.1 KWGT Kustom Widget Maker – Universal Widget
1.2 Overdrop – weather widget for Android
1.3 Data Counter Widget — Data counter widget
1.4 Musicolet – music widget
1.5 Calendar Widget – calendar widget
1.6 Sectograph – an unusual calendar widget

Widgets for Android

Indeed, the interface of a modern smartphone is good and allows you to get quick access to applications. However, sometimes access to them is not needed if they are started initially. Many applications allow you to bring to the desktop small dice, often of arbitrary size, which display the most important information from the application. For example, it makes no sense to open the weather application if the information from it can be placed on such a small rectangle and you can see it every time you turn on your smartphone.

Your smartphone already has widgets. In order to bring them to the desktop, you just need to touch in the place where there are no application shortcuts and hold your finger a little. Select Widgets from the dropdown menu. Then you can get acquainted with the list of what is available, touch it for a while and bring it to the desktop. Everything is simple.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker – Universal Widget

If you consider yourself an advanced widget user, then KWGT is what you need. With it, you can create your own personalized widgets with a simple editor.

Some features require paid access, but a lot of things will be free. As a result, you will be able to assemble a widget that will contain a clock, maps, a battery indicator, memory, a music player and much more. Here is such a widget combine.

Overdrop – weather widget for Android

Weather widgets are as convenient as possible and this is what you should start with if you follow its condition and it is important for you what will happen tomorrow. In general, there are a lot of weather widgets on Google Play , but it is Overdrop that looks the friendliest. It is informative, elegantly designed and understandable.

It will simply be displayed on your desktop and you will not run the application. The weather will be before your eyes every time you unlock your smartphone. Again, there are paid features, but a lot is available even for free.

Data Counter Widget — Data counter widget

Another piece of system information that is always handy to have before gassing is the amount of data your phone is consuming. The Data Counter widget can separately display information on the cellular network and on Wi-Fi.

The text size, color and background can be changed, and clicking on the widget will give you more details (including a breakdown of which of your apps is using the most data).

Musicolet – music widget

Believe it or not, managing music is also much easier through the widget. As a rule, it is enough just to play the next song or press pause. The widget will do just fine with this.

Of course, you can use other methods of control. For example, displaying controls in the curtain, but the widget is much nicer. True, the fattest minus of the widget is that it only works with music that is stored on the smartphone. It does not support streaming.

Calendar Widget – calendar widget

Google Calendar has its own widget, but the Calendar Widget looks more interesting. Its design can be very finely tunedand it does not overload the home screen, as other calendar widgets sometimes do.

With the right combination of text, accent colors, and widget size, you can put together something that fits perfectly into the dedicated area of ​​your home screen.

Sectograph – an unusual calendar widget

Sectograph is another calendar widget, but it’s not as banal as the others. Others may be nice and clear, but none of them represent your day by breaking it into sectors.

For clarity, the sectors are placed in a circle and show all your affairs for 24 hours. This way you can see at a glance what you should be doing right now and what’s ahead of you – this is a great example of a really informative widget.