4 of my favorite document and photo scanners for Android

4 of my favorite document and photo scanners for Android

12 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

4 of my favorite document and photo scanners for Android. Previously, in order to scan documents or photos, you had to buy a separate box that could only scan. The rest of the time, she simply took a place somewhere in the corner or even interfered “on the aisle”. Then they became much thinner, but it was still a separate device. Over time, they migrated to the composition of multifunctional devices (MFPs) and were already in the same case with the printer. But now the time has come when they can be in a smartphone. I have an MFP, but I only recently tried to scan a document there and realized that I was doing the right thing when I used it only as a printer. I keep scanning documents with my phone and this is what I use.

I will immediately note that the above applications do not claim absolute leadership in all categories. This is a presto list of what I have ever used and was generally satisfied with. That is, I can recommend these applications and, most likely, you will like them.

If you have something to add and want to share it, leave your options in the comments. Only without links, so that our strict spam filter does not wrap your comments. Just indicate the name and the main pluses. Who needs it, they will find it on Google Play. Knowing the name, this is not difficult. And if you want to discuss these and other applications, visit.


  1. How to scan photos from a smartphone
  2. Office Lens – document scanner from Microsoft
  3. FineScanner AI – text recognition scanner
  4. Clear Scanner – regular scanner

How to scan photos from a smartphone

For scanning just photos from a smartphone, I did not find anything better than the application from Google, which is called “Photo Scanner by Google Photos”. Its main advantage is the maximum simplicity and the ability to scan photos without the need to select lighting.

The problem with many smartphone scanners is that you need to stand up so that no shadow falls on the document or photo. Otherwise, the scan will look like this.

Google’s scanner offers to take several photos from different angles and glues them together. This removes unwanted glare, wrinkling and some other defects.

Ready photos can be viewed in the application or in the photo album. They can also be cropped and sent via instant messengers or to cloud storage.

The only drawback of the application, which I found for myself, is the heating of the smartphone case. This happens while the application is running and is most likely due to the fact that the processor has a large computational load on processing and gluing applications.

Download Google Scanner

Office Lens – document scanner from Microsoft

The company that gave the world (for a modest fee) Windows also made its mark with its Android scanner. It’s called Office Lens. There is nothing superfluous in it and this minimalism attracts.

When you first start you will be shown a small instruction and you can start using it. The main interface of the application is similar to a simple smartphone camera. There are several shooting options: whiteboard, document, business card, photo. The first option is very convenient when you need to take a picture of the contents of the board at a meeting or in class. The final image will differ from a simple photo in that even if you sit on the side, the picture will eventually be even. The necessary distortions will be compensated automatically.

After the scan is completed, you can select the file name, save type and send it to other users.

Download Office Lens

FineScanner AI – text recognition scanner

I like this scanner a little less than the others listed in the article, but it has one useful feature that makes it stand out from the rest. I’m talking about text recognition from a scanned image. True, you will have to pay for this function by subscription, but the rest of the scanner’s features can be used at no additional cost – that is, for free.

In general, everything is standard, except that automatic border detection is immediately placed on the main screen. Then everything is as usual. We take a photo and proceed to the design, where you can choose what to do next with the photo.

It can be renamed, saved and sent to someone, and for any of these actions, select the desired file format.

Download FineScanner AI

Clear Scanner – regular scanner

The latest scanner for today is not something outstanding and got into the article only because I used it for some time and in general it did not let me down.

It does not have outstanding features, except for the convenient precise positioning of the corners of the image when cropping. And all the scanners above are launched and immediately show the workspace, and this one first suggests choosing where to take the image from. You can choose from a camera and an album. However, processing photos of documents from the album is not a killer feature of this scanner.

Download Clear Scanner

Which scanner to use is up to you. Of course, sometimes it is convenient to use an MFP. For example, when it works in an office or home network and the image can be received on the phone . In other cases, for quick sending, it is much easier to use the camera of a mobile device. Especially outside the home or office.TAGS