WhatsApp disappearing messages are a useless feature that will only get worse

WhatsApp disappearing messages are a useless feature that will only get worse

10 December 2022 0 By georgedeveloper22

WhatsApp is developing many new features. True, now they do not look like a full-fledged innovation, but rather as a response to the significantly increased user interest in Telegram. You can even say that these are developers’ attempts to somehow catch up with Pavel Durov’s messenger and not lose customers who are rapidly switching to Telegram. But at the same time, WhatsApp still dominates in terms of the number of users, and this makes it quite difficult for him to introduce something new so as not to break what is already and not only make it worse.

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  • 1. Whatsapp new features
  • 2. Disappearing messages in whatsapp
  • 3. How to save a disappearing message
  • 4. Whatsapp is better than telegram

1. Whatsapp new features

However, sometimes these new additions leave us confused and break all logic because they seem to override features introduced in earlier updates. And now we are seeing something similar, because WhatsApp is preparing an update that may come out pretty soon. It’s about developing an option to save messages. Everything would be fine, but those messages that should be disappearing are meant.

2. Disappearing messages in whatsapp

To be more clear, disappearing WhatsApp messages are not reliable anyway. Just like we see in single view media, recipients can always take screenshots of messages before they disappear. Perhaps, realizing how easy it was to get around this, the company chose to simply make changes so that the recipient could more easily save disappearing messages.

We recently heard that WhatsApp is developing a new option for storing messages. This feature was first discovered in May, now how can it work after the discovery of the message box for the desktop client of the service

3. How to save a disappearing message

The new warning about disappearing messages mentions that any user will be able to save or unsave chat messages. This means that if messages are set to disappear after a set period of time, they can avoid deletion and remain in the chat if the sender or recipient chooses to keep them.

The warning also shows how, in group chats, each member will be able to save and discard messages for everyone in the chat. True, in this case there are some exceptions. In order for anyone to make a disappearing message permanent, you must enable the corresponding mark in the chat settings. Only the administrator can do this, and this is the only restriction that exists. But the ability to limit the transfer of disappearing messages to permanent ones is still in development, and it is too early to talk about when it will appear.

The ability to save messages that are initially disappearing completely contradicts the very essence of the appearance of this function. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone and the developers keep doing their thing.

So far, even beta testers do not have access to an active feature, and while we are seeing this progress on desktop, the final plans for its release on specific devices are not yet clear.

This feature may be useful only for those who constantly took screenshots of disappearing messages. But for those who wanted to send something that will remain a secret, this will be an unpleasant surprise. On the other hand, it is naive to expect that in our time at least something that got into the Network can remain a secret.

4. Whatsapp is better than telegram

Lately, it has been nice to see how WhatsApp tries to make as many features as possible to become like Telegram. But doing it in a strange way. It can be understood that one of the tasks is not to break what is, and not alienate users with a complex interface. But when it comes to the implementation of such strange features as disappearing messages, which can simply be kept official, and not workarounds, there is a feeling of bewilderment.

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