WhatsApp can make it so that no one knows you’re online

WhatsApp can make it so that no one knows you’re online

10 December 2022 0 By georgedeveloper22

WhatsApp. This year has been a very busy. It could not be otherwise, because this messenger urgently needs to offer something interesting and catch up with Telegram, while it has an advantage only in functions, but not in the audience. Otherwise, it will be difficult to change something later. Thanks to the productive work of the developers, WhatsApp constantly receives some updates. Among the latter, we can recall the ability to send files up to 2 GB in size, as well as add up to 512 people to groups and communities. And that’s all in the last three months. But that’s not all.

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  • 1. WhatsApp security
  • 2. Is it possible to sit on WhatsApp without being seen
  • 3. Invisible visits to WhatsApp
  • 4. Whatsapp new features

1. WhatsApp security.

The messenger does not forget about security. Last month, some new controls were announced that allow users to hide their profile pictures and last seen time from certain contacts. These are important features that allow you to increase the loyalty of the audience, which has recently been greatly shaken.

But that’s not all, and the app isn’t quite ready yet. The developers intend to add more granular privacy controls with another new feature.

2. Is it possible to sit on WhatsApp without being seen

A new feature is the company working on for a future version of whatsapp? It will allow users to hide their online status. While there is not much information about this, but there is one screenshot. It was made in an application for iOS, but there is no doubt that the function will not be limited to this operating system. Moreover, it will appear not only in the Android version, but also in WhatsApp Web.

To access the new feature, you will need to open “Last seen” in the “Privacy” section of the Settings. This is where the new element will appear. It’s at the bottom and offers two status visibility options to choose from. The primary default will be to make your online status always visible to everyone.

3. Invisible visits to WhatsApp.

If this does not suit you, then you can choose an alternative option – “Same as last visit.” It’s a bit confusing at first, but once you figure it out, it becomes clearer. If this item is selected, then the settings for displaying your status will be seen by those who receive a mark of respect from you. There are four options to choose from: Everyone, My Contacts, Extended Contacts, or Nobody.

Almost certainly, the feature will work the same as read receipts. That is, it will be impossible to hide from a person without showing him your status. As a price for this, you will not be able to see his online presence status. But such a function will still be useful for those who do not want to once again demonstrate to everyone that they launched the application and read messages. The reasons may be different, but having such a feature gives you more privacy options.

4. Whatsapp new features.

WhatsApp now has over 1.5 billion registered users. Given that there are about eight billion people in the world, including babies and the elderly, with such an audience it can really be considered popular. The audience of the second most popular messenger – Telegram – even up to a billion users is still growing and growing.

At one time, its growth was explosive amid security problems, constant crashes and WhatsApp leaks, but recently the developers have taken up their minds and things have gone smoother for WhatsApp. Now no one even remembers the scandalous usage policy, according to which Meta could use user data to promote advertising.

Of course, the good old WhatsApp is far from the functionality of Telegram, but you also don’t want to scare away the audience that is used to a simple messenger with new complex functions. Let me remind you that it was WhatsApp that made cross-platform instant messengers for smartphones a common occurrence. Before that, there was, for example, ICQ, but this is already something else. On smartphones before WhatsApp, SMS was the most common way to send messages.

New features are being introduced gradually, and we will probably see something new soon, but the time has not come yet. But the function that I talked about is also quite useful. Not everyone needs to know that you were online.

Thank you for your attention!