• 3 Best Android Players That Can Play Music Offline

    3 Best Android Players That Can Play Music Offline

    They will be useful for those who do not want to depend on the level of mobile signal and prices for streaming services.

    1. AIMP

    AIMP is a hugely popular player for Windows and its Android version is very good too. The program is made in the spirit of old-school players like the classic Winamp. It does not have a built-in library, and the user himself distributes his music to manually created playlists. And this is a rather convenient approach for those who do not want to bother with organizing tags, genres and covers in their collection, but are just going to throw a couple of dozen downloaded songs into the player.

    The player supports an impressive number of audio formats. In addition, it allows you to listen to Internet radio, just like its older brother on Windows. The program has smart playlists, and you can easily create, for example, an automatic selection of songs for 2021 in the Rock genre. There’s also a sleep timer if you want to fall asleep to music, and a 20-band equalizer. The program is free and contains no ads.

    2. Musicolet

    Small but extremely powerful player. Its feature is the ability to create more than one playback queue, as in most applications, but several at once – up to 20.

    This is a rather original solution that complements traditional playlists well. Let’s say you listen to music and at the same time leaf through your music library, find a cool track and realize that you want to turn it on. But not now, but in 10 minutes. To do this, simply throw it into a parallel queue and start it when you are in the mood. Musicolet also displays in the system shade the name of not only the current song, but also the name of two others that follow it in the queue.

    The player is equipped with a built-in equalizer, allows you to customize the behavior of the headset button, can edit tags and supports lyrics in LRC format. Lock screen and widgets available. There are light and dark themes.

    And what really attracts in the Musicolet interface is the layout of the controls. All buttons and tabs are placed at the bottom to make it convenient to operate the program with one hand. The app is free and does not have a premium version or in-app purchases.


    Poweramp is the clear favorite among Android music players. The program can be used for 15 days free of charge.

    Powerapm is a veteran of the Google Play apps and has been updated and developed for over 10 years. The player has literally everything that even the most sophisticated music lover needs. An advanced library lets you sort your large collection of music by categories such as artists, genres, albums, and ratings.

    If you want to organize everything beautifully, Poweramp will help you with tags and even download covers. And if you don’t want to spend time raking your music library, displaying music by folders is also supported. The player can not only edit meta-information in your files, but also download lyrics.

    Especially worth mentioning is the “Lock Screen” feature. Poweramp can replace your standard lockscreen, so you get an advanced music control interface as soon as you take your phone out of your pocket – no unlocking required. It is more convenient than the standard Android music widget, but does not work on some firmwares. Poweramp also has integration with Google Assistant, Chromecast and Android Auto.

    The player equalizer is just a miracle with which you can get good sounding music from a variety of headphones. The program supports many types of files, including loseless formats. In general, if you really intend to store a large collection of music on your phone, Poweramp is definitely worth paying attention to.

  • FTX cryptocurrency exchange clients want to withdraw billions of dollars, but their funds have run out

    FTX cryptocurrency exchange clients want to withdraw billions of dollars, but their funds have run out

    Clients of FTX, the third largest cryptocurrency trading exchange, want to withdraw billions of dollars of assets from it, but their funds have disappeared. At least $1 billion was withdrawn in a series of cryptic transactions from the company, which filed for creditor protection on Friday.

    On Friday, FTX Trading Ltd. filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States. Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and CEO of the exchange, has resigned. He was replaced by John Jay Ray III.

    The creditor protection application includes, among others: the Alameda Research Foundation, as well as about 130 related companies.

    Prior to filing, clients were requesting a withdrawal of $6 billion within 72 hours, and rival exchange Binance abandoned its FTX bailout plan.

    On Saturday, FTX reported the discovery of unauthorized transactions that resulted in millions of dollars worth of assets being withdrawn from the platform under suspicious circumstances.

    Sources told Reuters that at least $1 billion of client funds have disappeared from the exchange. Other sources say up to $2 billion has disappeared from FTX’s accounts.

    Reuters also writes that FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was to transfer $10 billion of client assets to his trading company Alameda Research. Most of these assets have also disappeared.

    FTX General Counsel Ryan Miller tweeted that over $2 billion has been withdrawn from FTX International and FTX US in the last 7 days and $659 million in the last 24 hours.

    The collapse of FTX shocked investors, who again called for regulation of the cryptocurrency sector, which has been losing money this year due to a strong sell-off in the markets.

    After Binance rejected a rescue deal with FTX on Wednesday, Bitcoin fell below $16,000 for the first time since 2020. This is a decrease of more than 75%. compared to a record level of 69 thousand. USD for November 2021.

    “We believe that crypto markets remain too small and too isolated to cause contagion in financial markets. Their market capitalization is $890 billion compared to $41 trillion for US equities,” Citi analysts wrote.

    In four years, FTX has raised $1.8 billion in venture capital and pension funds.

    In its bankruptcy filing, FTX Trading wrote that it has $10 billion to $50 billion in assets, $10 billion to $50 billion in liabilities, and over 100,000 assets. creditors. (PAP Business)

  • A year after the historical peak, bitcoin has fallen in price by more than 70%. What’s next with BTC – forecasts of investors and analysts

    A year after the historical peak, bitcoin has fallen in price by more than 70%. What’s next with BTC – forecasts of investors and analysts

    Bitcoin did not protect capital from inflation last year. Not only that, it went into a massive bear market like technology stocks. However, most analysts believe that there is little room for BTC to depreciate.

    A year ago, on November 10, 2021, bitcoin’s historic peak was marked. The cost of 1 BTC has reached $68,976 (this value may vary depending on the exchange). However, since then, the share of this oldest cryptocurrency has fallen by -73%. And since then, a lot has changed in the cryptocurrency market…

    What has happened in the past year in the bitcoin market

    Bitcoin became cheaper despite high inflation. Thus, he did not justify the hopes placed on him as an anti-inflationary defense. It acted like a risky tech stock, entering the bear market mainly due to higher US rates.

    However, the rise in the value of money in the US and many other markets was not the only reason for the strong BTC sell-off. Let’s recap some of the most important bitcoin facts from the past 12 months:

    A series of bankruptcies of important organizations from the world of cryptography. This year, the third largest exchange FTX, the crypto-financial platform Celsius, the Terra/Luna ecosystem with the stablecoin TerraUSD, and the Three Arrows Capital fund went bankrupt. Each of these events had a strong negative impact on sentiment around cryptocurrencies. There was a panic yesterday about the withdrawal of the Binance exchange from the FTX bailout.

    The US SEC is still rejecting BTC ETF applications. Investment firms have been applying for permission since 2013. However, the SEC has yet to issue this authorization. This year, he denied the petition, in particular, Shades of Gray, and in response to this, a lawsuit was filed. Interestingly, he already owns the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has $13.5 billion in assets.

    Mining BTC is getting harder and harder. This year, this trend has intensified. The indicator showing the profitability of mining, that is, the total hashrate, remains close to its historical maximum. As electricity prices soared, miners got in big trouble and started selling off their BTC holdings en masse.

    More and more well-known investment companies own BTC. BlackRock, Fidelity, Van Eck. These are just some of the major investment firms that admit to investing in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin of course. They started doing this in the last 2 years. Bitcoin is also on the balance sheet of an increasing number of US fund companies such as Tesla, Microstrategy, Block or Coinbase.

    Overlays in the Bitcoin network will make it useful. With the advent of the Lightning Network overlay, there is an increased likelihood that BTC will become an increasingly used means of payment. Arcane Research data from August 2022 shows that the number of Lightning network users has grown from 150,000 in a year and a half. users up to … 80 million! About 48% of transactions are transactions between individuals, but already 18% are commercial transactions (purchase / sale of goods or services). The cost of online transactions increased by approximately 480% (in US dollars) in 12 months.

    How long will the crypto winter last?

    What’s Next for Bitcoin? What are the forecasts of well-known investors and analysts? We have collected some important and interesting votes over the past weeks. They show that the “crypto winter” may be slowly ending and the price of BTC should not fall significantly below current levels.

    According to technical analysis by Northstar, the price of bitcoin could be approaching $10,000. You should not go back to buying this cryptocurrency until its price falls below the 30-week average, according to a Northstar analyst.

  • Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin deadlocked until 2024?

    Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin deadlocked until 2024?

    Bitcoin price has been in a downward trend since November 2021. In recent days, she has again found herself in a dangerous place in the charts. Some analysts do not exclude that we will have to wait until 2024 for the next effective increase in the value of bitcoin.

    Pessimists Don’t Expect a Bitcoin Boom Until 2024

    Optimists Predict Huge Rise in Bitcoin Price Later This Year
    Ethereum has a chance to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world
    Dogecoin could benefit from Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter
    Over the weekend, the price of the most popular cryptocurrency in the world dropped below $40,000 and even dropped to $38,500. At the beginning of the week, it recovered briefly – today it is at the level of 38,000. This means that 40 percent has been found. below the historical peak of November 2021 when Bitcoin was worth $69,000.

    Waiting for the halving

    Technical analysts note that the important level is around $37,000, and falling below this limit could lead to a “cascading sell-off”. On the other hand, the $41,700 cap is crucial. Exceeding this zone can lead to an attack in the region of $47,000.

    However, pessimists fear deepening recessions. They refer to the so far 4-year boom in the cryptocurrency market and the current economic situation in the world.

    On average, every 4 years there is a so-called halving. It consists in limiting the supply of new bitcoins and halving the reward of “miners” for mined “coins”. The price of bitcoin tends to “event” just before the halving and peaks about a year after. The last halving occurred in the spring of 2020, and the next one is likely to occur in the first quarter of 2024.

    In the previous three cycles, the scenario of sharp falls and rises was correct every time. Bitcoin lost up to 80 percent. during the “cryptocurrency winter” between each halving. By the way, a significant number of smaller cryptocurrencies fell by about 90 percent, and some of them never returned to record prices in subsequent cycles.

  • Women don’t like the world of cryptocurrencies. The British want to change this

    Women don’t like the world of cryptocurrencies. The British want to change this

    Only a fifth of investors in the cryptocurrency market are women. Women are less willing to invest in crypto assets, but they also rarely associate their careers with this industry. This is another sector – after finance and technology – where women are underrepresented. The British organization Women in Blockchain Talks is fighting to increase this representation. Warsaw is one of the five cities in the world where its branches will be opened this year. The goal of the Polish delegation is to educate industry leaders and encourage more women to join them.

    • The cryptocurrency industry lacks diversity. Data from the technology and finance industries show that women are underrepresented in this sector. When it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the percentage of women ranges from 7% to 12%, although the situation has improved in some respects over the past few years. However, there is still a lot to be done in terms of increasing this percentage, representing women and creating opportunities for their participation in this industry,” emphasizes Lavinia D. Osborne, founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, in an interview with Newseria Innovation.

    Women in Blockchain Talks is the UK’s largest community and networking platform focused on blockchain technology. The initiators of the platform declare openness for each gender. In early October, a regional branch of this organization was established in Warsaw.

    • The purpose of our department is first of all to create leaders, women who will find themselves in this field, and to provide them with a place where they can meet and cooperate in a favorable atmosphere. We will organize different events with different speakers because it is important to be represented. If someone identifies with the person performing on stage, they are more motivated and think, “If she can do it, maybe I can too.” “Within our open online community, you can connect with people from all over the world,” explains Lavinia D. Osborne. – The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is attractive to women because its key aspect is its decentralization, the rejection of actors who decide who can be part of it and who can not. Often there are fewer women and less diversity in different industries because there is someone who decides about access to them. In the case of blockchain, no one decides whether to invite us to the table or not. Here, as women, we ourselves can set up this table and put chairs next to it.

    The data provided by cryptocurrency broker Coin Rivet shows that only one in five cryptocurrency owners is a woman. The survey was conducted in March this year. from BlockFi (“Real Talk: Women x Crypto 2.0”) showed this, albeit 92 percent. American women have heard of cryptocurrencies, but 24% have them. respondents. 45 percent know how to buy cryptocurrencies – this is twice as many as in the survey from September last year. About 30 percent of such investments are planned for this year. mr. Every fifth respondent admitted that he believes that cryptocurrencies will help him achieve his financial goals.

    As the perception of the investment potential of cryptocurrencies changes, the perception of the professional potential of this market may also change. So far, every tenth American believes that it is promising for her, and 15 percent. interested in a career in this industry.

    • We need more women in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry because women make up half of the world’s population. Similarly, there is also a lack of diversity in traditional industries such as finance and technology, and this lack affects the results obtained. Firms with diversity outperform those that neglect this aspect. We women bring a different perspective. It is very important that there are initiatives to ensure that women are represented throughout the industry, whether in the field of NFT, blockchain or Web3, adds the founder of Women in Blockchain Talks.

    In addition to the opening of the Warsaw branch of Women in Blockchain Talks under the leadership of Agnieszka Marecka, this year the organization will also start working in other cities around the world: Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Dubai (UAE) and Karachi, Pakistan).

    • I am of the opinion that you need to reach out to people with knowledge. We should be where the women are. So if we can create global affiliates and invite women into a safe and supportive space, then I think we can bring more women and diverse groups into the blockchain-crypto-Web3 space,” concludes Lavinia D. Osborne.

    The start of the Warsaw initiative took place during one of the October meetings within the framework of the “Meeting on Thursday”. This is a cyclical event organized by the Venture Café Warsaw Foundation, which gathers the community of innovators every Thursday at Varso at 73 Chmielna Street.

  • Biggest drops this year

    Biggest drops this year

    The FTX exchange token hit $2.50 on Tuesday before rising slightly to over $4.00. This state of affairs persists at the time of writing. This means FTT is down almost 90% overnight and down 97% from last year’s ATH ($85). Solana also had a huge slump. A stock exchange project lost 50% of its value.

    Bitcoin, the oldest and largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is also not doing well. Its exchange rate has fallen nearly 17% in the last 24 hours to hit a new yearly low of $17,200. This is a 75% depreciation from historical ATH ($69,000) in November 2021. Earlier in June, BTC completed its fall at $17,600. Many analysts believed that the trough was over, but yesterday they wrote a completely different scenario.

    Problems with FTT

    Both Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried confirmed on Tuesday that Binance will take over FTX as the exchange faces a significant liquidity crunch. The situation began to gain weight a few days ago. CZ then announced that it had sold its entire stake to Binance FTT for at least $500 million.

    “Due to recent revelations that have surfaced, we have decided to eliminate any FTT from our reserves.”
    CZ said Sunday without revealing exactly what the “revelations” were.

    “We will try to do it in a way that minimizes the impact on the market. Due to limited liquidity, we expect this to take several months.”

    Despite CZ’s desire to minimize the impact of the Binance FTT sell-off, it is likely that this first announcement influenced FTT price action. CZ, however, denied that this caused any confusion.

    “There were also conspiracy theories that somehow I orchestrated the whole thing,” he tweeted on Monday about FTX’s recent troubles. “If you read this thread, you will understand that no one can arrange this.”

  • How do bookmakers make money?

    How do bookmakers make money?

    One of the fundamental and attractive aspects of sports betting is the ability to consistently make a profit. You need to know what you are doing and apply the right strategies, but it can be done. However, most players lose money in the long run. There are several reasons why this is the case, one of which is that bookies use certain methods to always have an edge.

    Successful sports betting is mostly about overcoming this edge. The bookmakers are essentially your opponents and you need to learn how to beat them. Before you can do that, you need to understand exactly how they are guaranteed to make money.

    In this article, I will explain the methods that bookies use to get an edge. I will also look at the other main reason why they make money: most players make bad bets.

    The basic principle of bookmaking is simple and fairly obvious. The bookmaker receives money whenever they place a bet on a customer and pays out money every time one of their customers wins the bet. The idea is to get more money than you pay out. The art of bookmaking is to make sure it happens.

    Bookmakers cannot control the outcome of sporting events, but they can control how much they can win or lose on any given outcome. They set the odds for all the bets they place, which ultimately allows them to make a profit.

    The main method that bookmakers use to increase the odds in their favor is to turn on energy. Vigorish, or vig, is also known as juice, margin, or wrap. It is built into bookmakers to help them make a profit. Basically, it is a commission charged for placing bets. To better explain the whig, we will use a simple coin toss example.

    A coin toss has two possible outcomes, and each of them is equally likely. There is a 50% chance of coming up heads and a 50% chance of coming up tails. If a bookmaker were offering true coin toss odds, they would be offering even money. This is 2.00 for decimal odds, +100 for moneyline odds, and 1/1 for fractional odds. A successful bet of $10 tie returns $20, which is a profit of $10 plus the return of the original bet.

    Let’s say this bookmaker has 100 customers and they all bet $10 on a coin toss, with half betting on heads and half on heads. In this case, the bookmaker will not work at all.

    The bookies take a total of $1,000 in bets, but they also have to pay out $1,000 in winnings regardless of the outcome. Since they are in business to make money, this is obviously not a good scenario.

    That is why they build a bet on the odds. Thus, they can guarantee, at least in theory, that they will make money regardless of the outcome. When two outcomes are equally likely, they usually use odds of 1.9091 (-110 on the money line, 10/11 on the fractional).

    Continuing with the coin toss example, the odds of heads and tails will still be the same, but now they will be 1.9091. This means that a successful $10 will return a total of $19.09 ($9.09 profit plus $10 original bet).

    Let’s see what it looks like for a bookmaker now with 50 customers betting on heads and 50 customers betting on tails.

    As you can see, changing the odds made a big difference, and now the bookmaker is making a guaranteed profit on every coin toss. The total they pay out will always be $954.50 versus the $1,000 they received in total wagers. Their built-in profit margin of $45.50 is vigorous or excessive and is usually expressed as a percentage of the total stakes received. In this case, the Whig is approximately 4.5%.

    This is a very simplified example, but it serves to illustrate how bookies set odds to give them an edge. Things get a little more complicated when it comes to sporting events, as the possible outcomes are usually not equally likely. In many betting markets there are more than two possible outcomes and bookmakers are not always going to charge the same amount on all possible outcomes.

    For these reasons, making money with a bookmaker is not as easy as just charging a fee. Other methods are required to ensure consistent profits, and this is where the odds builder comes into play.

    Weird compilers

    Odds compilers set odds at bookmakers. They are also known as traders and their role is absolutely essential. The odds they set ultimately determine how many bets a bookmaker can get and how much money they can make. The act of setting odds on a sporting event is known as market pricing.

    There are a number of aspects associated with pricing in sports event markets. The main goal is to make sure that the odds accurately reflect the likelihood of a particular outcome, and to ensure that there is a built-in rate of return. The determination of the probability of outcomes is largely based on statistics, but very often it is necessary to apply certain sports knowledge.

    Therefore, compilers must be very knowledgeable about the sports for which they are evaluating markets; thus, they often specialize in only one or two. They must also have a solid understanding of various mathematical and statistical principles.

    Let’s take a look at how a compiler might evaluate the market for a tennis match in which Novak Djokovic plays Andy Murray. These two players are very close in ability, so the compiler will have to take into account a number of factors. For example, they will look at the current form and known abilities of each player on the respective playing surface. They will also take into account the results of past meetings.

  • Crash of Cryptocurrency! “Bitcoin could drop to $11,000”

    Crash of Cryptocurrency! “Bitcoin could drop to $11,000”

    The collapse of the Luna cryptocurrency and its associated stablecoin UST, as well as the discounts of the largest projects, have dominated the events in the crypto world in recent days. Bitcoin could fall to $11,000, expert estimates.

    The collapse of the Luna cryptocurrency was one of the most spectacular events in the history of the cryptocurrency market. The project lost 99.9 percent. valuation in just a few days, and its capitalization has fallen from tens of billions of dollars to just a few hundred million dollars.

    The scale of the collapse affected by the project is best illustrated by its timeline. The price of the cryptocurrency has dropped from over $100 to a fraction of a cent.

    XTB specialists told how the whole project worked, presenting a scheme of its functioning.

    “During the powerful post-money takeoff of cryptocurrencies, millions of fresh investors entered the market competing to buy various fashion projects. It was then that Luna was created, generating interest due to the rising interest rates for providing liquidity in the system. As the price and market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased, so did the rewards for investors, which attracted a significant part of the market to Luna,” XTB analysts describe.

    “Investors were primarily affected by rising prices, which by themselves do not prove the long-term success and sustainable foundations of the project. For several months, information has been circulating about “Ponzi schemes” and financial pyramid schemes common in the market. The cryptocurrency market is declining and does not “heal” the speculative market,” experts estimate.

    One of the threads of the Moon crash is a speculative attack by major US funds, but these are subversions based on leaks circulating online and alleged connections of those involved. However, the fact is that the spectacular collapse of the cryptocurrency also affected the domestic TerraUSD (UST) token, i.e. a stablecoin that should always be kept close to $1.

    This was already too much for the entire cryptocurrency market, which began to lose last week, setting new multi-month lows. The largest projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost about 30% over the past week, respectively. and 36 percent value. The price of bitcoin fell to around 25.4 thousand. dollars, when in November it was close to 70 thousand. On Monday, after recovering from the fall, it traded around $30,000.

    “Disrupting the Terra ecosystem by disrupting UST 1:1 convertibility to USD, dropping its main token, Luna, from over $100 apiece to ten cents, a crash in the NFT market, an attempt to disrupt the convertibility of the largest stablecoin USDT from 1:1 to USD, and powerful discounts on bitcoin and ethereum, i.e. largest cryptocurrencies. These are all events that occur simultaneously and in a very short time, and the market is trying to cope with them.

    Recent events have also inevitably drawn more attention to the national regulator market. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the market will be properly regulated by the end of 2022. The US SEC also reported on the destabilizing effect of cryptocurrencies on the state of financial markets, according to DM XTB in a press release.

    Expectations of an interest rate hike, the cash phase of the business cycle in anticipation of higher inflation and lower GDP growth, or a Russian attack on Ukraine could lead to lower cryptocurrency prices. However, at present, we are no longer talking about a simple correction, but about a real test of the entire cryptocurrency market,” Conotoxia experts summarize the commentary.

  • How to grow up to play poker?

    How to grow up to play poker?

    You started playing poker, learned its rules and more or less understand what the essence of the game is. But what’s next? How to grow up to play poker?

    You dream of a poker career and an easy life with the money you win, but you don’t even fully understand what poker really is. How to take seriously what you are not yet able to fully understand and comprehend? Today I have some tips for beginners, and probably not only for them, because everyone should find something for themselves.

    The old saying says that the darkest is always under the lamp, that is, there are truths that should be the most obvious, but our consciousness does not always want to accept them. Let this text become a lamp of knowledge that will light an even greater flame and light your path to the future! Most of the advice in this section applies to both poker and other areas of life, so the interpretation and conclusions are up to you. Welcome!

    Money or knowledge?

    If you read a few interviews with the best players in the world, then the answer to this question is very simple and, in fact, it suggests itself. Each of them will immediately say that the most important thing in poker is to work on yourself, constantly learn and absorb the changes that take place in this constantly evolving game. It definitely won’t be money. They are only a derivative of the knowledge, experience and skills that each player acquires with each new day of his game. Take a look at some of the best – Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen. Each of them must have been on the verge of poker bankruptcy more than once, each of them had cosmic fluctuations reaching millions of dollars. But money has nothing to do with it, they appear once, immediately disappear, and reappear in a moment. But it’s important to know so you can get back in the game and be on top again. Money in this game is just a tool, nothing more. No one can take away your knowledge and skills.

    So you can not look at your own or someone else’s game only through the prism of winning or losing money. Is Phil Ivey, after losing several sessions and giving his opponents, for example, five million dollars at the tables, starting to be a weak poker player? Probably no. He probably doesn’t even consider it that much. What matters to him is whether he lost those sessions due to his own mistakes and bad play, or whether he did everything right every hand. The key to success here is to analyze your own game. And it’s not just about analyzing losing hands, you can also make a lot of mistakes in winning hands. So they should be looked for, draw conclusions for the future and eliminate them in the course of the next games.

    Try to learn from those who are already successful. Nowadays, access to various types of education, poker schools and analyzes is huge, you just need to reach them with your hand. But the most important thing here is regularity and self-discipline. Watching one instructional video a month is unlikely to improve your game or crush your opponents. Talk to more experienced players about your hands, learn as much as possible from their knowledge and experience that they want to share with you. The world of poker around you has a lot to offer, you just have to listen to its voice. So what if you post your hand on the forum if you can’t accept criticism for playing it wrong? Or maybe you didn’t even bother to read the answers to your questions?

    Grow up to play poker. And let it be not just an adult life at your usual pace. You usually play $5-$10 tournaments, but you have something on your mind and include a $1 tournament in your session, which you consider fun. However, in the same session, you are also playing a $22 tournament, which is slightly larger than your bankroll. Will you always play the same way in all these tournaments? Will you experience the same excitement from breaking aces in the $1 and $22 tournaments? Probably no. It means that you are not ready to play at higher stakes. And in this more expensive tournament, will you be free to play all-in cards of average quality, as you like to do in cheap tournaments? The fact is that money alone is not enough in the game, poker skills and the right attitude are also needed. And here we return to self-improvement, which will help us win in the future. The same goes for choosing the right games for you. There is no need to jump from flower to flower – one MTT, one cash, then sit and go and in a moment you will be in heads-up games. Do not confuse! Choose one or two options for yourself and learn how to play them in order to consistently win and move up the stakes.

    Money or knowledge? If you are yet to be convinced of the final answer, then consider this question. In high stakes cash games played in Macau, for example, who will have a better chance of winning – Dwan, Blom, Ivey or any of the Chinese businessmen who will get hooked on them and be able to buy them individually or all together several times? The matter is clear. By focusing on your own development and learning, you can start winning and the money will come naturally. Focus on working on yourself and improving your skills.

    Learn from your game

    Think about your approach to the sessions you play. How does a negative poker session affect you and how does it play out when you win? Are the emotions, feelings and thoughts the same for both? Imagine a situation where every session or participation in a live tournament will be a plus. When you don’t understand the game and how many hands you play, you always win. Is such a surreal vision of poker possible? After all, if you continue to win, then your opponents, on the contrary, must always lose, and this is impossible. Therefore, you must understand a simple truth – there will always be a losing tournament or a negative session.

    Do not be afraid of failures, fear of them can turn into a fear of making the right decisions and they will not be optimal in your future game, which in turn will affect your profits. Treat missed classes like tuition fees. Analyze hands, look for your mistakes – if you have already paid for them, then at least take advantage of them. By making mistakes, you will learn things that you may not have known before. However, it is important not to repeat the same mistakes. That’s when you start winning and making money instead of losing it.

    At the end of the session, do not visit your online cashier in the poker room. You already know that the result of one session does not affect whether you win or not. It doesn’t show how good you are at the game, or if you are at all. Instead, after the last table closes or just after the end of the tournament, think about what you learned while playing. Maybe you have noticed a cool, unconventional play from your opponent with which you can expand your arsenal of draws. Or maybe in a regular player you play quite often, you notice a different line of play that you think is unusual than he usually imagined, and from which you can get additional value in the near future. Remember it, write it down, write it down so you can earn more in your next poker match.

    Everything is possible

    Someone once said that everything is possible in life, and only our imagination limits our possibilities. You do not believe? Okay, but for example, in the sixteenth or even the nineteenth century, mankind planned to fly into space? Is it possible for a journey from London to Paris to take a few hours rather than a few weeks? And is it under the seabed too? No, someone wanted it, someone dreamed about it, and he did it. Today this is the usual norm, the standard, it happens every day before our eyes, and not so long ago people were burned at the stake for treatment with herbs collected in the forest. Then where do our possibilities end? It’s simple – everything ends where our imagination ends. There is only one problem – faith! It is up to you to decide whether to believe that what you dream about is within your reach and up to you. You must get rid of all negative thoughts because they prevent you from achieving your dreams.

    How many records have been said and written so harshly that no human can improve on them? In the 1950s, people did not believe that one mile could be covered in less than four minutes. They even believed that it was pure heresy, that it was unattainable for the common man, and treated anyone who otherwise claimed as crazy. In 1954, Roger Bannister convinced all doubters that it was possible. Then he achieved a time of 3:59.4, which broke the stereotype that this was impossible. To do this, it took him many hours of training, sacrifice and sacrifice. He worked both on the physical aspect, but the psychological attitude was also important – he simply absolutely believed that he would succeed, contrary to all opinions and numerous skeptics.

    What did he do? This was a great achievement in the history of athletics, because if one can, then why can’t others? The following year, about a dozen runners broke this supposedly magical border. Currently, the world record for this distance is already 3:43.13 and since 1999 belongs to the Moroccan Hisham El Guerrouj. Now, sixteen years after he broke this record, there are still those who firmly believe that it is possible to break this result. Just this year, a similar fate befell the world record in the marathon and the previously unimaginable limit of overcoming this distance in less than two hours. Eliud Kipchoge did this in 1:59:40.2, proving once again to the world that “the impossible does not exist.”

    Of course, faith must be meaningful, and one should not go to extremes. Simply thinking about our great successes will not make us suddenly achieve them. Sitting and looking at poker articles on the Internet, we don’t get involved in high stakes. Faith is the basis, a certain foundation of our further actions. Faith gives you motivation, strength and a desire to work, you just need to ignite it. If someone has achieved something in life, then it is available to a person. The only question is how much you want to achieve this and how much work you put in to get to this peak.

    Progress evaluation

    How to evaluate your own progress? Contrary to appearances, this is one of the most important questions we can and should even ask ourselves. Since we’re talking about poker and we’re mostly connected with it, why not choose one of the poker jerseys, follow his career very closely and compare his results with ours? Or maybe take a more modest path and choose for such a comparison one of the friends who also plays poker, but at a few stakes higher, and by comparing his story with yours, we will have a starting point? Will this choice be correct? Absolutely not! Why? For example, can you compare Michael Jordan and Michael Schumacher, two great athletes, great undisputed champions? Try to compare them and choose the best one. You can do that? Can it be done? Probably no. Despite the fact that they have much in common as people and athletes, they differ too much for comparison and conclusions to be reliable and correct.

    So, we return to the question – how can we correctly, objectively and fairly evaluate our successes, how and with whom to compare? The answer is very simple, even trivial. Let’s compare ourselves to ourselves! Each of us is an individual, and although we play the same game, by the same rules for everyone, only our own personality will be a true benchmark for measuring progress. And it doesn’t matter that a friend jumped a month later to the next limit or that he plays tournaments at higher stakes, and we have been playing them for the fifth month. Does it make us worse or better? Neither one nor the other. There are so many circumstances that we make a little weaker or different than his that there will never be exactly the same point of reference for such a comparison to be true.

    Look at yourself and control yourself. What we were a year ago, six months ago, a month ago. Sometimes it helps to just start a blog, because after a while, reading your old posts, you will see that even their level has become more professional now. Then you will see what mistakes you made then, compare them with those that you are doing today. Have you made any progress? Has your game become better, smarter, got rid of old mistakes and habits, or is it completely different and you stand still? Maybe your level is even lower than a year ago? If you do it solidly and know how it was before, then your conclusions will surely be correct. You can correct mistakes, make adjustments to the game and choose the direction that will take you further – to higher stakes, to higher limits, to your next wins.

    Find your worst enemy, fight him and defeat him. He is always there, he sits where you are, he sleeps with you, he goes to work or school. Because your biggest enemy is you! Only you yourself throw logs at your feet. Only you yourself continue to make excuses and look for superficial excuses everywhere except at home. Only you during the game, for example, browse social networks, watch TV shows, call friends, check sports results, and then complain that the session was not successful, that you were knocked out of the tournament, that your aces were broken. None of you will say then that you did not concentrate on the game and did not notice that your opponent always raised only the nuts on the river. You can’t write or say out loud, because you have to make excuses. Tell yourself directly and clearly: “Enough! I will overcome myself, I will overcome my weaknesses, I am doomed to success! And do it.

    Actual control

    Many of us forget at times that we cannot control everything we come into contact with in our daily lives. Examples can be multiplied and listed endlessly. Late bus, just when we are in a hurry. Closed ATM when we need cash for purchases. It always rains when we don’t have an umbrella with us. Bad mood of the boss in the morning and much, much more.

    Since we don’t control so many things, what do we have such real influence over? What in our life depends on us? The answer is one of the simple and even banal. We control only ourselves. We only influence our words, actions and behavior. For your present and future. It depends only on us how our life will turn out, because we direct it and make decisions that lead us in a certain direction.

    Many of you will immediately think that this is not entirely true, because there is a wife, boss, children, work, teachers, family … In a word, other people or things decide about us no less than ourselves. But are you sure? If you don’t like your job and your boss, why don’t you change it? If you earn little, why don’t you do anything to earn more? Are you not looking for new ideas for yourself, even if only a new or additional job, but just sit and watch the next episode of a stupid series or go to Facebook for the hundredth time in a day? You must take control of your life, because only you have the right to decide about it and shape it properly.

    Okay, but what does this have to do with poker? You can do the same analysis for our game. Think about it for a moment – what can we control in poker? For your convenience, a few examples:

    number of tables we play
    our rates
    game type
    selection of tables
    choice of poker room or casino
    the bankroll we want to start the game with

    You can work on the rest yourself, it is best to write them down on a piece of paper. On the second sheet, write clearly what you no longer have any influence on. Again, a few simple examples:

    on the exposed cards
    on the decisions of opponents
    to your place at the table
    profit or loss per session
    dealer who deals with you
    And so on and so forth… The main thing to understand first of all is that you have no influence on the profit or loss during the session. You can play every hand perfectly, but that doesn’t mean you have to win them. There are days when we play less and get more profit. There are times when we play great, but we don’t get along and lose everything along the way. Thus, we smoothly move on to the next point, which …

    Risk in poker

    Experienced players have long known that poker, as a game that has both random and skill elements, involves risk. Variance and randomness are integral elements of this game, especially in short periods of time. Many of us are aware of this, but subconsciously repress this knowledge, forget about it and do not apply it. How many times have each of us asked ourselves: “God, what did this donk do, how could he play like that?” We get angry at such players and leave them at the worst moment. At this point, everyone should ask themselves the question – why am I playing with these fish? Why aren’t we looking for tables where only regulars and pros make the right decisions? Why don’t most of us do this? I think we all know why…

    The basis of the correct approach to poker is the recognition that a weak player sometimes has to win with a weaker hand or by playing stupidly. The thing with variance is that aces or kings can beat you dozens of times because that’s what simple math does. There is a small percentage chance for this, but it can happen. If we don’t understand this, if we don’t realize that AK only has 70% equity against J4, which in practice means that statistically three times out of ten we will probably lose, unless this poker truth enlightens us, then we will never not reach the stakes and limits that we dream of in our heads.

    Let’s love dispersion, although it is a creepy whore that gives us a lot of nerves and shortens our lives due to constant bad emotions. We will rejoice when the donk wins against us, because it means one thing – soon the statistics will speak in our favor, we will win and earn more and more from him and his like.

    positive attitude

    There are two people in front of you. The first of them is a strong optimist in life, he always knows how to see the good, looking for pluses in everything, even in seemingly hopeless situations. He smiles and radiates a good mood, infects those around him. The second is eternal grumbling and drawn-out. Energetic vampire. He starts the day by saying that life sucks and nothing will work out. In each new idea, he sees only those problems that will inevitably arise. The smile only appears on his face when something goes wrong, because he said it would happen from the very beginning.

    Running your own business and choosing a new partner from these two, who will you choose? Well, certainly not the last! How’s poker? Poker is your business idea, your main or side job. Who is your poker partner in you? What type of people will you be? The optimist who believes that variance is temporary and will pay off with a vengeance, or the dissatisfied one who says that the first downswing will be “in the bag” and all adventures with poker will go to hell?

    Change the way you think. Always think positively, believe in yourself and your abilities. It will work if you prepare properly for it. Don’t even sit down to play when this unhappy one sits in you that day – angry, tired, tense, sad, dissatisfied. Then your decisions will be far from optimal, and bad decisions will bring losses. This, in turn, causes tilt, bad mood, anger, sadness, and the circle is complete. You enter a road without a quick exit, a highway of stress, depression and regret from which it is difficult to choose another road. Avoid her!

    Poker Responsibility

    We must always take responsibility if we want to achieve any success. As the boss or owner of a company, we make decisions that affect its profits and image. Its further fate and functioning in the future will depend on our efforts. Poker is like a business, although it’s a little simpler – we have to take responsibility only for ourselves. We must learn to control our emotions, for example, because how many times have they taken our money? How many times has a decision to tilt resulted in losing hands? How? Many, far too many times we have lost what we have accumulated over many hours of play.

    How true are the statements:

    I lost because my opponent cheated me on the river
    Soft stole money from me today because my opponent had a set three times higher than mine
    today they broke my aces twice and my kings four times, and AK didn’t beat me even once
    software overclocked
    How much truth is in these statements? We have long known that a little. More precisely, they are completely untrue. So where is the responsibility here? Such things must happen because it is an element of chance and we have no influence on external factors. However, by taking responsibility for our emotions and decisions, we limit the impact of tilt on our game and thus increase profits.

    How to grow up to play poker? conclusions

    The most important thing is self-education. Money will come in as you continue to improve your game.
    Failure, exit from the tournament or a negative session is a payment to the coach for additional training and pointing out mistakes.
    Imagination is power, so use it and visualize in your mind what you want to achieve in the future.
    Compare yourself only to yourself, because only in this way you will see your development.
    Remember that you can actually control while playing.
    Risk and variance are inherent in poker.
    Be optimistic as it always attracts success.
    Bear the consequences of your games, take responsibility for them, do not blame external factors for them.

  • The US government is taking on cryptocurrencies. The FBI will create a new division

    The US government is taking on cryptocurrencies. The FBI will create a new division

    The U.S. Department of Justice has appointed a Computer Crime Attorney to lead a team to fight cryptocurrencies. On Thursday, it was also announced that the FBI is launching a unit to analyze the blockchain and seize virtual assets.

    Blockchain analysis is the process of exploring, identifying, grouping, modeling and visualizing data in a cryptographic ledger. The purpose of blockchain analysis is to obtain useful information about various entities that carry out transactions with cryptocurrency.

    The creation of a new division of the FBI follows the largest financial forfeiture in history by the Department of Justice. Young couple Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan have been accused of trying to launder more than $4.5 billion stolen in 2016 from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange.

    “Law enforcement officials seized $3.6 billion of those funds. Deputy U.S. Attorney General Lisa Monaco called this the largest financial forfeiture in Justice Department history.

    Following a series of cyberattacks in 2021 on America’s largest fuel pipeline network and the world’s largest beef supplier, US regulators tightened their grip on the cryptocurrency industry. In recent years, as a result of attacks on virtual currency exchanges, hackers have collected hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. They often demand a ransom in bitcoins. The FBI was able to trace and recover some of these ransoms.

    “Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, in which it is difficult to change records once added,” Reuters emphasizes.

    At the Munich Cybersecurity Conference, the Monaco prosecutor announced that prosecutor Eun Yong Choi will lead the cryptocurrency law enforcement team. He was pursuing a case against a Russian hacker who helped steal information on more than 80 million JPMorgan & Chase Co. clients.

    Most recently, Choi worked as a senior advisor in Monaco. She also worked as a cybercrime coordinator and assistant prosecutor in New York for nearly a decade.

    “We strongly warn criminals who use cryptocurrencies for their business. (…) We also call on all crypto companies: we want you to root out crypto scams. .

    He also announced the creation of a new international virtual currency initiative. She assured her that her ministry would actively combat cyber threats.