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Video battles – aмazer app.


Video battles – aмazer app.

Surely many of you are watching videos and Stories on Instagram. It is easy to see that some people get especially original videos, and some just want to scroll through. If you have a talent for creating short videos to share on social media, then try to compete with other talents in the amazer app .

In the amazer app, users from different countries publish their videos. There are several main themes, such as selfies or dancing. After posting, the battle begins. Videos of two different users are shown to the rest. Spectators must choose the winner by casting their vote.

By getting enough votes, you can become popular on this network. Constantly receive messages from users and comments, because it is your videos that the application will recommend for viewing. Perhaps there is some point in trying to post more interesting videos than others.

Application: amazer

Developer: Amazer Inc.

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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