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Flat Zombies – lots of zombies and blood


Flat Zombies – lots of zombies and blood. “Brain!” – with this word, he appeared in the frame and received a bullet in the forehead. We are talking about zombies that we have to fight. Flat Zombies Clean & Defense does not have a plot, the game attracts with its shooting physics, pools of blood and elaboration of zombie models, which are torn into small pieces when fired at them.

Speaking of graphics, they are nice and very reminiscent of vector graphics. Zombies are worked out well, as well as the surrounding objects in general. The game has two modes: cleaning floors and cleaning apartments. The difference is clear from the names.

In the game settings, you can turn on traces of blood from bullets, blood spatter, sound and shell casings, you can increase the number of corpses on the screen to 16. This will give a kind of atmosphere. There is also a training mode, in this mode you are in a warehouse, and before the game you can choose the number of zombies in each wave and the time interval between waves, any weapon will also be available to you. In normal modes, there is no access to the entire arsenal.

The application will certainly appeal to all lovers of zombies and blood.

App: Flat Zombies: Cleanup & Defense

Developer: PaVolDev

Category: Action

Version: 1.4.3

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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