Focus Go – gallery optimized for weak devices

Focus Go – gallery optimized for weak devices

17 March 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Focus Go – gallery optimized for weak devices.

Previously, Google introduced Android Oreo (Go edition). This version of Android is designed for budget smartphones with 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM. Third-party developers did not pass by this event, and now we have come across a beta version of the Go application on Google Play . This is a simplified Focus Go gallery . We have tested it and want to share our opinion.

This is really the fastest and cleanest gallery. We were extremely surprised by the speed of the application, given the huge amount of heavy media content. Scrolling simply “flies”. The developer also worked on the animation. With minimal functionality, the application does not seem raw. Fonts, arrangement of elements, animations – everything is done really very competently.

Focus Go is a gallery optimized for weak devices.  Photo.

In the settings, you can activate the function of displaying images in higher quality, but this function is not recommended to be activated on weak devices, since it decodes images in 32-bit format, while 16-bit is used by the standard. Many people will like the function of increasing the brightness of the display when viewing a photo individually.

Perhaps, we will not delete this application from the device’s memory. However, we have no doubt that you will do the same after installing Focus Go.

App: Focus Go (Unreleased)

Developer: Francisco Franco

Category: Photography

Version: Not Specified

Price: Free

Download: Google Play