With this application, you will definitely get off the couch on the weekend

With this application, you will definitely get off the couch on the weekend

9 March 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

With this application, you will definitely get off the couch on the weekend.

I remember that earlier, in order to play football or hockey, it was enough to walk to the nearest courtyard: you knew for sure that you would find your friends there (and yes, for this you didn’t even have to call the “city” phone, which many still don’t have was). Over time, those very sites were empty, and now the desire to go in for collective sports turns into a whole problem: write to all friends and acquaintances, then choose where to gather for another half a day … and in the end you stay at home on the couch. Not so long ago, an application appeared on Google Play that solves this problem.

It has the telling name OrgMySport and allows you to quickly find a company for any sport and follow all amateur and professional sports events in your city. Since there are so many sports, after the first launch in the application, you can choose those that are of particular interest to you. You can choose among more than 200 disciplines, including hockey, basketball, fencing, chess and many others.

For active leisure, you can either choose one of the many available activities, or create your own. In the latter case, everything is done very simply: choose a city, discipline, set a name, start date / time and decide on a site. There are a lot of places for games – in the application you can find both free yard playgrounds and commercial ones. After creating an event, you can invite other OrgMySport users, as well as your friends and acquaintances, to it. Roles in the game are either assigned by the creator or selected by the participants: you can play the role of a coach, referee, fan, player and more.

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of venues available – you can find everything from the nearest courtyard to a chess club, depending on what kind of sport you are interested in. The system for inviting participants is also logically built: if all the invitees promptly respond, it is possible to assemble a team to play the same hockey in 10-20 minutes. And then discuss the details in the built-in chat, since the circumstances are different – for example, the site is busy or the participant is replaced by another.

If you don’t want to organize anything and just decide to join an event, you can select existing sports events in the app. Sometimes this is even a better choice than creating your own event: when a team lacks 1-2 players, it is logical to join it, and not create several new ones one by one. While the application does not have too many users, but the database is expanding every day.

With OrgMySport, it takes very little time to organize a small football tournament, a hockey match or a running competition. Even in a big city, this application helps you find like-minded people and spend a pleasant day playing active sports. Another plus is that OrgMySpor is available for free. Let’s help the developers and become its users (after all, how long can you lie on the couch?).

Application: OrgMySport

Developer: OrgMySport

Category: Sports

Version: 4.0.3 or later

Price: Free

Link: Download