Voice changer is a universal tool for fun with friends.

Voice changer is a universal tool for fun with friends.

8 March 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Voice changer is a universal tool for fun with friends.

Terminator 2 is a legendary movie. One of the most memorable scenes in the film was John Connor’s call to his adoptive parents. In it, the guy notes the unusual kindness of the guardian, after which the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger states her death. To do this, the robot changes its voice and deliberately calls Connor’s dog the wrong name. It turns out that you can change your voice without a cyborg costume with a red eye. This is where Voice Changer will help .

On Google Play, the program is called “Voice Changer”, but in the menu the name is changed to “Voice Changer”. Be that as it may, the developers call the brainchild “one of the best voice changer applications”, and its interface is “quick and convenient”.

The application menu is really simple. Immediately after launch, we see an almost blank screen with a large play button at the bottom. The upper half falls under the equalizer, which responds to the voice.

To get acquainted with the possibilities of the voice changer, there are two options. You can record your voice on the welcome screen, or go to the right window, which contains media files. Select the desired song and click on the magic wand icon. The application will process the file and offer to apply different voice effects.

There are many effects. Among them, including a robot, an elderly person, a Martian, a child, a drunkard and much more. Not all filters are connected to reality. For example, a “bee” will simply replace the replicas with a similar sound.

You can create the effect yourself. To do this, select the “custom” item and adjust the key along with the tempo.

The edited options will appear on the left screen. Next to each we will see a detailed name, sound duration and file size. Losing the desired document will not work.

Voice changing is a good way to have some fun. However, before that, it is advisable to disconnect the smartphone from the network, as users note the bust of advertising.

Application: Voice Changer

Developer: 302 Lock Screen

Category: Entertainment

Price: Free

Download: Google Play