5 Internet Saving Apps

5 Internet Saving Apps

22 February 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

5 Internet Saving Apps.

Not every smartphone owner uses tariffs with unlimited traffic. Basically, we are talking about restrictions in data transfer that prevent the normal use of the device. How to save precious megabytes on an Android smartphone? There are a number of applications for this, which we will talk about today.


  • 1. DataEye
  • 2. Datally
  • 3. GlassWire
  • 4. Browsers
  • 5. Lite apps
  • 6. Shells


5 apps to save internet.  data eye.  Photo.

This application controls the data transfer on the smartphone in real time. It displays statistics for each application. In the settings, you can turn off data transfer for applications that are rarely used.


5 apps to save internet.  Datally.  Photo.

This app is from Google. It displays statistics on Internet usage. The application is able to block background data transfer while you sleep. The app uses a VPN to block data transfer.


5 apps to save internet.  glasswire.  Photo.

A feature of the application is simplicity and built-in security features. GlassWire analyzes the traffic and warns the user about questionable consumption.


5 apps to save internet.  Browsers.  Photo.

Many browsers already have built-in battery saving mechanisms. A good example is Google Chrome, which prompts you to immediately activate the data saving mode at the first start.

Lite apps

5 apps to save internet.  Lite applications.  Photo.

Recently, Lite-versions of applications have become widely distributed. An example would be Facebook Lite and Twitter Lite. Twitter Lite may not display images to save traffic.


Some shells are able to display the download and upload speed of traffic in the status bar. This statistics well reflects the behavior of the smartphone at a particular point in time. The shell settings in the applications section also display information on traffic consumption, so most users may not even need third-party applications.

And how do our readers control data transfer? For example, I try to use the mobile Internet less often, because, as a rule, at home and at work there is Wi-Fi, to which the smartphone connects automatically. My plan offers 3 GB of data per month, which is enough between home and work.