How to control a child’s smartphone?

How to control a child’s smartphone?

19 February 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

How to control a child’s smartphone?

How to isolate the child from inappropriate content? Many don’t even realize that Google offers a free Family Link solution that allows you to conveniently control the use of a child’s smartphone. After the age of 13, he will be able to manage the account on his own.

Google pays special attention to the collection of data on the application page , warning parents about it. The company collects data on the use of services by the child, his personal data, information about browsers. The Company may collect call data, determine the location of the child by GPS, IP addresses, find Wi-Fi hotspots, cell towers and Bluetooth devices around the child’s phone. Google can record and save the child’s voice.

In simple words, the company gets almost complete access to the child’s smartphone, which, of course, should alert many parents. After all, if it is able to collect so much data through a Google account, then what is the likelihood that regular accounts allow the company to collect the same data? However, today we are not talking about that. We are only interested in the possibilities of Family Link.

What can Family Link do?

  • approve purchases and downloads of applications on Google Play, as well as restrict access to materials in the Google Play Store using age categories;
  • manage settings, such as SafeSearch on Google Search;
  • change app permissions on a child’s device, such as controlling access to the microphone, camera, location, and contacts;
  • change content filtering settings in the YouTube Kids app;
  • limit the amount of time a child can use an Android or Chrome OS device;
  • see the location of your child’s Android device;
  • manage your child’s Google account activity tracking settings;
  • Grant another member of the family group almost the same rights with respect to the child’s account.

With Family Link, you can view how long your child has been using certain apps, deny requests to download apps, limit phone usage, view device status, and manually lock the screen (useful when your child needs to do other things).

The application allows you to track the location, which, of course, raises questions and makes you remember one of the episodes of the Black Mirror series, but, obviously, such a step will keep children safe.

App: Google Family Link (for parents)

Developer: Google LLC

Category: Tools

Version: 1.32.0.J.228968064

Price: Free

Download: Google Play