5 best phone pedometers to get you off the couch

5 best phone pedometers to get you off the couch

12 February 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

5 best phone pedometers to get you off the couch.

According to the recommendation of the World Health Organization, to maintain tone, you need to take 10,000 steps a day. It seems that we always keep this figure in our heads and understand that we can’t sit in one place, but sometimes we don’t want to get up off the couch. We need motivation, but where can we get it? The best tool that can encourage a person to lead an active lifestyle has been and remains a pedometer on the phone . Today we will figure out which step counter to download , and how similar applications differ from each other.


  • 1. Free pedometer from Leap Fitness Group
  • 2. Step Tracker – accurate pedometer for Android
  • 3. Step Counter – step counter without registration
  • 4. Step counter and calories from King Brain
  • 5. StepsApp is probably the best pedometer for Android

Free pedometer from Leap Fitness Group

We have already talked about how the pedometer works If you have read this text, then you know that the accuracy of all phone counters is approximately the same. And the applications differ only in the set of functions and ease of use. In this regard, the undisputed leader is the pedometer for Android phone from the Leap Fitness Group studio. The app has been downloaded over 50 million times on Google Play, earning a score of 4.9, an unthinkable score for a free app.

A great pedometer that gives out virtual rewards for the distance traveled

Download pedometer Leap Fitness Group

Such a high rating is explained by the fact that the developers did not limit the functionality of their product by offering to subscribe. The app counts steps , distance traveled, calories burned and walking time throughout the day. A good pedometer for your phone does all this for free, showing not the most intrusive ads. Leap Fitness Group’s step counter charts your progress, and the Health tab reminds you to drink water regularly. You can display a widget on the screen, which will also be displayed in the notification shade.

Step Tracker – accurate pedometer for Android

Oddly enough, the Leap Fitness Group studio was also involved in the development of this application. How then is the second program different from the first? The Step Tracker offers a slightly different approach to tone up. If in the first case you are offered to reach the goal in terms of the amount of water drunk and the steps taken, then the second pedometer for Android has a separate tab for training. You can set your own running or walking goal by playing songs from your favorite playlist along the way.

Advanced step counter with separate workout mode

Download Step Tracker

Otherwise, there are few differences. Inside the Step Tracker, you will find the same achievements for the distance traveled or the number of active days in a row, and through the settings you can independently set benchmarks based on your current physical form.

Step Counter – step counter without registration

The free pedometer for Android from Hitchhike Tech is also highly rated on Google Play and is characterized by rave reviews from users. But the application differs from other counters in its simplicity. It has no extra features. Only steps, calories and distance.

A simple pedometer without unnecessary information

Download Step Counter

When you first start this pedometer prompts you to choose your goal (stress relief, heart protection, weight loss or better sleep). Together with information about your gender, age, weight and height, the application makes up the goal. It can be changed in the program settings. There you will also find the function of sending alerts to help you remember that it’s time to get up from the couch.

Step counter and calories from King Brain

The slogan of the app is go now, live 100 years. And the King Brain program is trying its best to get you to follow it. To this end, the developers have added a leaderboard to their free step counter to compete with people from all over the world. Of the interesting features, it is worth noting the presence of a separate tab with exercises for the eyes. The perfect set for the office worker!

A pedometer that takes care of your eyes

Download King Brain pedometer

With the main function, this step and calorie counter copes perfectly. But there are a couple of nuances. For some reason, the height in the application is measured only in feet and inches, not allowing you to choose the centimeters we are used to when you need to enter information about your height. Another complaint is the boring widget, which is sure to get lost against the background of other elements of the desktop.

StepsApp is probably the best pedometer for Android

StepsApp application can only be called free conditionally. Many features in it are blocked and require a subscription. Without extra spending, you are allowed to set goals only by the number of steps taken. However, all this applies to other free applications. It’s just that they don’t even offer to set a goal for calories burned or distance traveled, which creates an imaginary representation of their real functionality.

Advanced pedometer with the coolest yet paid widgets

Download Steps App

The subscription, whose cost is 3$/month, opens up new widgets for the main screen, flexible customization of the program interface, as well as conclusions with further recommendations for improving well-being. You can use StepsApp without it. Even in its limited form, the application will not be inferior to its counterparts if you are looking for an accurate pedometer without unnecessary features.