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8 February 2023 0 By Admin

Hello friends!
Today I want to share with you the my experience of using the service for the exchange of electronic money – website .

kepelen review

My review

I have never used this service before. I always used only the Dundle service, but it so happened that at a certain point there ended the EcoPayz Gift Cards that I urgently needed and I was looking for alternative ways (sites) where you can buy these cards. That’s how I found the Kepelen site.

In order to send money to the Kepelen website, I first had to exchange PayPal for Neosurf and then replenish Kepelen with Neosurf.

It was necessary to IMMEDIATELY pay attention to the fact that the Kepelen service DOES NOT USE A SINGLE way of replenishing the account by which they could be tracked.

I topped up the service first with $50 and tried to buy a card there for $50 EcoPayz – Such a voucher was available there, and by the way, it still exists (screenshot below)

After you replenish your account with $50 in order to buy a voucher that they have available on the site, you will receive a message in the mail that you cannot buy this voucher, since the minimum purchase amount must be $100.

Okay, I top up again for another 50 dollars (previously exchanging PayPal for NeoSurf since Kepelen does not accept PayPal).

Now, with $100 in my account, I can afford to buy this $50 voucher.

50 dollars are deducted from my account, another 50 remain on my account and I am waiting for the MOMENT WHEN I WILL BE SENT THE CODE FOR THE VOUCHER

Of course, I can’t wait, after some time I write to the support service of the Kepelen website, especially since I needed the money urgently.

And they answer me that there is no Voucher for my country and therefore the money will be returned to me.

Pay attention to one very important point:
Later, they themselves will write that they cannot send money to Paypal!

20 days later I get a response. There is already a request to send another 100 dollars so that they send me 200 dollars to my bitcoin wallet. Here, of course, I already realized that they were just pulling money from me (although I doubted it before, but I had to wait 20 days).

Yes, in my answer I wrote that I will write a review about it. I just realized that they are scammers:

Yes, I laughed of course! They have evidence that I did not replenish Paypal. BUT they do not have this way to replenish the account. Initially, this did not bother them at all and they themselves offered this method of returning money.

And now they decided not to pay:

I realized that they are scammers, and they realized that it is no longer possible to get more money from me than this 100 dollars, and therefore:

After this story, I found several review sites where there are reviews about the Kepelen service – there were a lot of positive fresh reviews (which, in my opinion, were simply bought by the site owner – I can clearly see where the review is written real and where not). For example here – – I see only positive reviews. There was also my review (with screenshots of confirmation of fraudulent actions, but alas, negative reviews disappear there for some reason).

Thank you Trustpilot for your incorruptibility! I see that people continue to complain about this service, and at least there no one deletes these complaints.

My mistake is that I didn’t read the reviews before sending money to these scammers. Moreover, it was necessary to immediately pay attention to the fact that the site uses only those methods of replenishing the account by which it is impossible to track WHERE THE MONEY WENT.

I wrote this review to help some of you save your money and avoid sending money to these scammers. Always check who you are sending your money to.

If you read my review to the end – thank you for your attention! I’m glad this was helpful to you!