The best games for weak Android phones

The best games for weak Android phones

27 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

The best games for weak Android phones.

Functionally, all smartphones are the same, whether it’s a model for 100$ or 1000$, and the fundamental differences are only in the implementation of certain features. On a cheap device, you can perform the same tasks as on an expensive one, but due to a weak processor, any action will be performed several times slower. This is especially noticeable in games where the smartphone must process a huge number of graphic effects. Cheap models do a poor job of rendering frames, which is why the gameplay is not fun. However, Google Play has quite a few games for weak phones . And this applies not only to simple projects from the category of three in a row, but also 3D titles with good graphics even by today’s standards.


  • Google Play 1Real Racing 3 – racing on a weak phone
  • Standoff 2 – shooter for a weak phone
  • PUBG for weak phones
  • Shadow Fight 3 – fighting game for Android
  • Cyberika – cyberpunk on the phone

Real Racing 3 – racing on a weak phone

This is an old game that appeared back in 2013. But Real Racing 3 still receives regular updates with new content and remains relevant to this day. Owners of gaming smartphones can drive at a frame rate of 120fps, but even on a weak device, races from Electronic Arts give out 40-60 frames per second suitable for comfortable gaming.

Real Racing 3 - racing on a weak phone.  In the Android car simulator genre, Real Racing 3 still has no competitors.  A photo.

In the Android car simulator genre, Real Racing 3 still has no competitors

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In terms of gameplay, Real Racing 3 is not arcade, but a real car simulator on Android in the spirit of Gran Turismo. The game has several hundred licensed cars with well-developed physics, dozens of real race tracks, and there are racing series NASCAR, Endurence, GT3, GT4, Formula 1 and Formula E. In a word, in Real Racing 3 there is a place to roam and spend several hours on exciting competitions both with virtual rivals and online.

Standoff 2 – shooter for a weak phone

Another long-liver that is still popular is Standoff 2. It is the fact that this shooter runs great on phones with a weak processor that makes the project of the studio AXLEBOLT LTD the main competitor of Call of Duty Mobile .

Standoff 2 is the least demanding shooter on Android

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Basically, Standoff 2 is a mobile clone of Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, and as you play you’ll notice quite a few things in common, from the implementation of maps to the core concept of endless first-person shooting. Despite its uncomplicated graphics, Standoff 2 is not a boring shooter. Events regularly take place in the game, and there are so many skins to decorate your weapons that no royal battle has ever been dreamed of.

PUBG for weak phones

In the Battle Royale genre, when the player enters into an online battle for survival with several dozen opponents, there is still no equal to PUBG. The game PUBG MOBILE appeared in 2018 and immediately occupied the first lines of the charts. But here’s the problem: it can please with a high frame rate only on mid-range devices and flagships.

In terms of game dynamics, PUBG LITE is not inferior to the usual battle royale


Fortunately, in 2019, a lite version of the battle royale for weak phones entered the arena – PUBG MOBILE LITE. And this game feels good even on devices with 1 GB of RAM, not to mention more or less decent models with 4 GB of RAM on board.

Of course, PUBG MOBILE and LITE have differences . The lite version has much less demanding graphics, fewer maps and fewer players in combat. But you definitely won’t suffer from a lack of content, because, by analogy with the full version, PUBG MOBILE LITE regularly hosts festivals with a huge number of in-game prizes.

Shadow Fight 3 – fighting game for Android

The fighting game series from NEKKI studio gained wide popularity in 2014 when Shadow Fight 2 was released for Android devices . By the way, you can still play it now, but this is a two-dimensional fighting game for very weak phones , which, for unknown reasons, have survived to this day.

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game for Android.  The fighting game has good graphics and works stably even on weak smartphones.  A photo.

The fighting game has good graphics and works stably even on weak smartphones

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Much more attractive NEKKI game now looks like Shadow Fight 3 . It works well on devices with weak chips like Helio G25 or Unisoc T606. Unlike the previous version, the “three-ruble note” represents the fighters not in the form of silhouettes, but as well-detailed 3D models. The battles take place in richly animated scenery, and as a bonus, there is some kind of plot that makes you not only participate in battles all day long, but immerse yourself in the story, which, by the way, was continued in the game for more powerful devices – Shadow Fight 4: Arena .

Cyberika – cyberpunk on the phone

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most talked about game in 2021, but it was released only on game consoles and PC. The Brickworks Games studio, which developed Cyberika, came up with its own interpretation of cyberpunk for Android . The plot takes us to the city of the future, where we play as a person who has just been pulled out of the other world by implanting a special chip. But the corporation that installed it went bankrupt, and now the main character must deal with his headache on his own, completing tasks and looking for implants in the metropolis of 2084.

Atmospheric game with a rather strange, but well-developed plot

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Cyberika for Android is full of bright colors, and the synth-pop soundtrack creates that very cyberpunk atmosphere. The game has a plot, which can already be called an achievement for a mobile project, but there is no open world, and moving between locations is carried out either on foot or by car – strictly in a straight line. It is imaginative, but stable, beautiful and with a story that is difficult to compose in your right mind.