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How to customize your smartphone lock screen


How to customize your smartphone lock screen.

A lot of interesting and necessary information is displayed on the smartphone lock screen. And a lot of interesting information is waiting for you on our page in Yandex.Zen . So don’t subscribe. At the same time, the Android operating system is good because it does not drive us into the framework, and even what works well, each user can do even better by customizing any interface element, as they say, for themselves. And today we will talk about how to make the smartphone lock screen more functional.


AcDisplay – For lovers of minimalism

AcDisplay is the perfect app if you want to get only the most important information about the status of your smartphone, without overloading yourself with unnecessary details. At the same time, by analogy with the now so popular “dark theme”, you can save some battery power. How? It’s simple: the part of the display that will display information about the smartphone will be “highlighted”, while the unused part of the screen will remain dark.

Download: AcDisplay

Hi Locker – In case you miss good old Android

Hi Locker allows you to change the lock screen and turn it into something similar to what we saw on Android Lollipop. At the same time, Hi Locker does not block modern features added to more recent versions of the operating system and does not conflict with fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors.

Download: Hi Locker

LokLok – The most creative lock screen design ever

Perhaps the most interesting approach to the development of the application was noted by the authors of LokLok. At first glance, this is pretty standard, but in fact, when using LokLok, you can quickly access drawing elements, draw something on the screen and save the resulting drawing. It would seem that there is such a thing? Nothing if the app didn’t let you send your creations to your friends, who would see your “picture message” the next time they unlocked. Quite an interesting find.

Download: LokLok

CM Locker – In case you prioritize security

CM Locker has a lot of options to restrict access to your smartphone and more. There is a set of various types of unlocking: from biometrics to complex passwords, and modification of the lock screen according to your desire, and a whole lot more. But the most interesting thing is that the app can work for more than just unlocking your phone. It allows you to set additional passwords for your contacts or photo gallery. So for those who think that one more degree of protection never hurts, you should take a closer look at CM Locker

Download: CM Locker

Semper – Pump your brain

Semper is a rather unique product that isn’t really designed to change the lock screen. To be more precise, Semper is a whole set of different puzzles for logic, mathematical abilities, grammar and other aspects of your intellect. Semper offers simple actions to perform whenever you use your smartphone. For example, you will need to solve a simple example in order to unlock your phone. Or learn a new word in an unknown language while downloading an app from the Play Store. Semper allows, as they say, to combine business with pleasure.

Download: Semper

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