The best apps to watch videos on Android

The best apps to watch videos on Android

14 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

The best apps to watch videos on Android.

If you used a mobile phone in the early-mid 2000s, then you must remember that earlier the only option to watch video on your phone (there was no talk about smartphones then) was to recode it into 3GP format, after which you had to “upload” file to your phone and enjoy the video. It was difficult to call it a pleasure because of the meager displays with no resolution, but the very fact that you have the opportunity to watch a movie on your phone was fascinating. Today, there is no need to arrange such “dances with a tambourine”. All you have to do is download the appropriate app from the Google Play Store.

Watching videos on an Android gadget is simple and pleasant


  • MX Player – Simplicity and speed
  • VLC – Almost Perfect
  • Fipe Player – For high definition video
  • BS Player – Show the movie and spare the battery
  • PlayerXtreme Media Player – Beauty Lovers

MX Player – Simplicity and speed

MX Player has a pretty neat and easy to use interface. It supports almost all video formats and even audio files. Among other things, MX Player is one of the first video players for Android that supports multi-core decoding. This means that it will “deal” with files once or twice. There is also support for subtitles, zoom in / out of the text and the video itself, gesture control, as well as a child lock, if you suddenly gave your smartphone to a child and do not want him to “roam” on other programs, but only had the opportunity to watch the video .

Download: MX Player

VLC – Almost Perfect

The best video apps for android.  VLC - Almost perfect.  A photo.

VLC is arguably one of the best video players for Android. At the same time, it is an open source program that processes both video and audio files in the most popular formats. VLC also supports LAN file transfer and streaming video content from your home library to your smartphone or tablet screen. In addition to the ability to use subtitles, which is mandatory for programs of this kind, there is also a very advanced equalizer. There are no ads or in-app purchases in the app.

Download: VLC

Fipe Player – For high definition video

A distinctive feature of Fipe Player, which distinguishes it from competitors, is the ability to play high-definition video up to 4K. Also worth noting is a fun playback feature that lets you watch videos on a “floating screen” that overlays the device’s desktop or other apps.

Download: Fipe Player

BS Player – Show the movie and spare the battery

The best video apps for android.  BS Player - Shows a movie and spares the battery.  A photo.

BS Player is another multifunctional video player app for Android. It is equipped with hardware accelerated video playback, which increases the speed and reduces battery consumption. And also in place here are almost all popular multimedia file formats, the ability to play multiple audio streams simultaneously, support for playlists, and so on. Plus, there are a number of themes to change the look of the program and, like Fipe Player, there is an option to play videos in a pop-up window.

Download: BS Player

PlayerXtreme Media Player – Beauty Lovers

The best video apps for android.  PlayerXtreme Media Player - Lovers of beauty.  A photo.

This media player organizes all your multimedia files into a beautiful library. It has a built-in subtitle downloader with the ability to synchronize them, support for streaming audio and video directly from your desktop computer or a connected external drive, and a rather interesting option to change the aspect ratio of the file without “cropping” the edges of the image.

Download: PlayerXtreme Media Player