How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free

14 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free.

Everything in this world has to be paid for. And commodity-money relations are one of the best systems of remuneration for labor invented by mankind. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws. For example, if you are in the Google Play store , then there is nothing worse than finding out that the application that you have been looking for for so long and, as a result, bought either does not work as it should, or does not work at all, or is completely fake, for which you also paid money. How to avoid this situation? Try paid apps for free. And, no, we will not talk about piracy today, since there are legal ways to get programs, as they say, for free.

Let’s make a couple of reservations right away – in this material we do not take into account programs that have a free trial version, as well as the Google Opinion Rewards service, which allows users to earn money by completing surveys and then spend the money received in a virtual store. Why doesn’t this work for us? Yes, because Google Opinion Rewards does not officially work in our country.


  • AppsFree – Freebie without problems
  • AppSales – Sales and discounts
  • Paid Apps Gone Free – Everything paid will become free
  • App Hoarder – Tweaking

AppsFree – Freebie without problems

AppsFree is an app for finding free apps that used to be paid in the Play Store. Sometimes the developers of a number of programs arrange an attraction of unprecedented generosity and distribute their creations. AppsFree in turn shows this list of paid apps that are currently available for free and you can absolutely legally download them without spending a dime. The catch here is that you can’t find a specific paid app by name, but instead you choose what’s on the provided list.

However, AppsFree allows you to filter based on categories, ratings, number of downloads, and so on. Also here you can block certain applications from the list so that you never see them again.

Download: Apps Free

AppSales – Sales and discounts

How to get paid android apps for free.  AppSales - Sales and discounts.  A photo.

This application works similarly to AppsFree. You can find a list of paid apps that are temporarily free. But in addition to this, you will also see programs that can be purchased at a discount (sometimes very significant). Because of this, there are several categories – sales, free programs, “recommended programs” and so on. But what we need are applications that have become free recently. The tab is called “Now Free”. And here you can also create a wishlist where you will contribute the programs you want, and AppSales will tell you when they become free or the price drops.

Download: AppSales

Paid Apps Gone Free – Everything paid will become free

How to get paid android apps for free.  Paid Apps Gone Free - Everything paid will become free.  A photo.

Currently, the service is in beta, but in general there is almost nothing new. These are discounts on programs, and sorting by genre, rating and other parameters, and the ability to receive notifications. However, there is also a highlight here – not only programs for smartphones and tablets are supported by the service, but also applications for Android TV and Android wear devices. 

Download: Paid Apps Gone Free

App Hoarder – Tweaking

How to get paid android apps for free.  App Hoarder - Fine tuning.  A photo.

App Hoarder as a whole is also similar to our previous “guests”. But the system for searching and setting up various filters is worked out here, perhaps better than that of competitors. Firstly, the list here is updated every hour. Secondly, it can be filtered not only according to category, downloads, ratings and initial price, but also depending on the developer. For example, you can remove programs from certain creators from the list and even exclude applications with certain keywords in the title or description.

Download: App Hoarder