The best programs for creating reminders

The best programs for creating reminders

12 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

The best programs for creating reminders.

No matter how perfect your memory is, it is very difficult to keep everything in your head and often we forget something. Especially if we are talking about something not too important, but something that is rather disappointing to miss. It has long been known that in order not to forget anything, you need to make lists of important things and things to do. Someone, for example, uses notepads for notes or pastes everything around with a ton of colorful stickers. But we have almost “got” to 2023 and paper is the last century. Or even the year before. Moreover, on Android smartphones you will find a bunch of applications that will help you not to forget anything and not to be late for important meetings.


  • BZ Reminder – Remind everyone
  • ColorNote – Convenient Reminder
  • Any.Do – Choice of millions
  • Evernote – For real professionals

BZ Reminder – Remind everyone

BZ Reminder is a fairly new app, but it has already gained popularity. A simple and intuitive interface (which also supports the Russian language), the ability to create both ordinary notes and audio recordings with reminders. Naturally, you can set the date, time and other parameters so that BZ Reminder reminds you of upcoming business in advance.

Download: BZ Reminder

ColorNote – Convenient Reminder

ColorNote is useful for those who prefer the text format of notes. It can be used to write text, create reminders, emails, to-do lists and shopping. And there is also a widget that displays all notifications on the main screen of your smartphone. Notes can be sorted by color based on importance priority. At the same time, all entries and reminders are combined in the calendar, forming a convenient schedule.

Download: ColorNote

Any.Do – Choice of millions

Any.Do is one of the most famous programs in this category. With Any.Do you can easily keep your tasks under control and be sure that you will get them done. In addition to the ability to create both voice and handwritten notes, there is also a voice assistant. And a whole bunch of settings for displaying and repeating reminders and synchronization with all possible types of calendars.

Download: Any.Do

Evernote – For real professionals

Evernote is perhaps one of the leaders among reminder programs in terms of the number of downloads on Google Play. It is used daily by more than 600,000 people from various industries: teaching foreign languages, trading, blogging, notes on business meetings, and so on. In Evernote, you can store a variety of information: take quick notes, save ideas, make plans and to-do lists, attach photos and files, take voice notes, and so on. It’s nice that the program also has the ability to work with Microsoft Office packages and large pdf files. But the main distinguishing feature is the ability to synchronize between all popular platforms – from Android and iOS to Windows and MacOS. Needless to say, that synchronization with calendars, email clients and other similar programs is also performed at the highest level?

Download: Evernote