The best ASMR apps for Android

The best ASMR apps for Android

12 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

The best ASMR apps for Android. Some five years ago, ASMR content was of little interest to anyone. Today, ASMR is a whole genre with its fans and haters. It is generally accepted that, for the most part, content of this kind “dwells” only on the YouTube streaming platform. Although this is not true at all. Today we will tell you about some very interesting apps where you can find everything related to ASMR. Well, those who hear this abbreviation for the first time will also not leave offended, because we will also explain what it is and why it is needed.

Want to try ASMR on your smartphone?

What is ASMR

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is the name given to the pleasant tingling sensation of the scalp. Simply put, imagine someone whispering in your ear or tickling you with a feather behind your ear. The sensation of ASMR can be described as a slight tingling sensation that starts in the head and slowly travels down the spine. Someone finds it very pleasant, and someone terribly annoying. In any case, until you personally try it, as they say, you will not understand. And here are the best places to do it. How do you feel about ASMR?.

Tingles – ASMR style social network

The best ASMR apps for Android.  Tingles - An ASMR style social network.  A photo.

This application offers you content delivery similar to regular services like Spotify, where you can subscribe to certain artists and follow their releases. That is, in fact, between us is a fusion from a social network with a feed, publications, and so on, and a music application. There is a sorting of content into categories – “food”, “whisper”, “sounds” and so on. Here you can also choose to automatically play similar videos, repeat, and even play audio separately from the video. Tingles can also run in the background, and also has the ability to download tracks or videos for listening in conditions in which you do not have access to the network. The free version has ads, but you can turn them off for a small fee.

Download: Tingles

TeasEar – DIY

The best ASMR apps for Android.  TeasEar - Do it yourself.  A photo.

TeasEar offers a rather unusual experience – here you can create ASMR content yourself. The interface is a “slime” that covers the entire screen. By moving your fingers across the screen, you will control where the sound comes from. You can pinch, scratch, tap the goo, or use any form of touch to create a sound. There are also various presets that you can choose from to change the texture, color and sound and so on. At the same time, new presets appear regularly. But the authors have taken care of those who want to “just listen”. You can simply click on the play button, after which the program will start playing a random set of sounds. By the way, there is also the sound of bursting bubble wrap.

Download: TeasEar

Somnia – Relax and fall asleep

The best ASMR apps for Android.  Somnia - Relax and fall asleep.  A photo.

Somnia is more of a sleep app with an ASMR feature. That being said, Somnia is perhaps one of the best apps for those who want to understand what ASMR is. You are free to use different elements like rain, wind and so on to create your own unique ASMR composition. You can set the playback speed, set up channels for sound output (stereo or only one ear, or move sounds through channels, and so on), as well as turn on the timer and enjoy your creation.

Download: Somnia