BaldPhone – Android launcher for the elderly

BaldPhone – Android launcher for the elderly

12 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

BaldPhone – Android launcher for the elderly. Poor eyesight, age or illness of older people can be reasons why they will not be able to use modern smartphones. This is a serious problem for the market, and so far manufacturers do not offer normal phone operation modes for such cases. However, we have a way out, because we have found an interesting solution in the form of the BaldPhone launcher. It will be an excellent option and a reason, finally, to refuse to buy push-button so-called “grandmotherphones”, whose workmanship and functionality leaves much to be desired.

BaldPhone – launcher for the elderly

With BaldPhone, you or your parents will be able to confidently use a number of functions that used to be hidden somewhere in the smartphone menu. In addition, BaldPhone offers additional functionality.

BaldPhone is an Android launcher for the elderly.  Baldphone interface.  A photo.

Baldphone interface

On the main screen there is a clock, a panel with notifications about taking medications, a flashlight, setting the sound level and information about the amount of charge. A little lower are buttons with access to the menu of recent calls, dialer, contacts. There are buttons for WhatsApp, Google Assistant, messages, photos, camera, video. At the very bottom, there are buttons for accessing the medication menu, a list of all applications and an alarm clock.

The dialer has an adapted interface. By the way, it (the interface) here is quite understandable and simple: the buttons are large, the text is bold and large, the icons are clear.

What applications have an adapted interface?

  • List of recent calls;
  • Menu with a list of active alarms and the ability to create new ones. There is also a timer button here;
  • Creating an alarm clock with the ability to delete and edit;
  • List of notifications;
  • List of medicines with setting notifications about their intake;
  • Keyboard;
  • List of photographs.

Unlike conventional liners, BaldPhone even offers an adapted settings menu. In the upper left corner there is a red button to call the emergency service, and for users who do not understand the interface, the developer has prepared a special section with video instructions.

The BaldPhone developer approached the creation of the application responsibly and adapted many screens to this format. It was possible to get by with only the main screen, and leave the applications for viewing photos, alarm clocks and watching videos as native ones, but no, BaldPhone tried to adapt almost everything, and thanks to them for that. In addition, the application website has a link to the Arabic version.

Another nice bonus for many will be the fact that this is an Open Source project. That is, everyone can contribute to its development. For example, you can correct the translation into Russian if it seems crooked to you. You can also contribute to the development of the application itself and the site. You can also submit any ideas to the developer on Github, or simply support the project and become a patron.

There is even a dark theme and a built-in update system. That is, the application for updates does not even need Google Play services . Perhaps this is the future, because dependence on the services of large giants is not a very pleasant fact, the stronger decentralization, the less problems.

The link to the app was originally shared by Reddit user Slovantes. And here’s what he thinks about it:

I’m not the author, I just liked this app because I tried other “free” and paid solutions for my parents before and they didn’t work. Then I saw BaldPhone, it’s an Open Source project, I liked that it has a built-in update system, a simple gallery, I hope it gets good support among developers.


We have an excellent and probably the only quality program for the elderly. And it is a pity that smartphone manufacturers do not pay due attention to this. We would like to see Google in Android 11 introduce a separate mode for the elderly, because you need to think about people of all ages.

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