The best repair and construction apps for Android

The best repair and construction apps for Android

11 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

The best repair and construction apps for Android. Judging by the queues in the stores of building materials, home improvement goods and at home, plus or minus everyone faces such work. Application developers also understand this and are preparing applications for smartphone users that will perfectly help with this. Some are a guide and a collection of tips, others are ready to offer tools, such as a level and a tape measure, and still others simply allow you to mentally prepare for such a difficult task as repair. Whether you’re just getting started or just looking to do something with your home, the apps on this list are great for you.


  1. Bosch Toolbox – for work and home
  2. Bosch Toolbox – the same Bosch
  3. Toolbox is such a tool
  4. DIY 4 Beginners – all over again
  5. Room Planner – convenient home layout

Bosch Toolbox – for work and home

There is a saying: “My home is my castle.” To ensure that we feel absolutely comfortable in our home, we make every possible effort in terms of renovation and design to ensure that we are comfortable in this fortress for many years to come. Applications that help in this are usually called “Do It Yourself” or in the English version DIY (Do It Yourself). Here are some great apps from this category.

Bosch Toolbox – the same Bosch

In Bosch Toolbox you will find some really useful features. For example, you can access the measurement camera function. Take a picture, and then apply all the features of the room to it. For example, wiring, connections, ventilation, amplifiers and more.

Notes can be made by hand, voice or video for future reference. The professional wizard can also be used by Bosch Toolbox to enhance his daily work by generating progress reports that can later be exported to PDF and TXT formats. This makes it much easier to send the results of your work to the customer.

To use the measuring camera function, you need to give the application permission to use the camera, access files and access data about the location.

Toolbox is such a tool

If you don’t need that kind of pro-focused productivity and just want the most essential tools right in your smartphone, you might want to take a look at the Toolbox app. It includes useful features such as a barcode scanner, protractor, level, ruler, plumb bob and sound volume meter. Using the application is quite simple, but there is also a help section where you can find answers and tips.

DIY 4 Beginners – all over again

If you are just starting to do something on your own, you will face some difficulties. This is completely normal and everyone who is faced with something new for himself, for some time does not understand what is happening around him at all.

If you find yourself in this situation, the DIY 4 Beginners app will do just fine. In the settings, you can choose one of 17 languages. In addition to standard features such as a converter calculator and a gyroscope, there are other useful things that can make your life easier.

In the application you can find useful articles on various construction and repair topics. From them you will learn how to do something better, and how not to do something. There are a lot of these articles and almost all of them are made with photographs , having studied which, you will learn much more about the topic of interest.

Room Planner – convenient home layout

To really feel comfortable at home, you need to understand how you want to do everything there. For example, the color of walls, floors, windows, and in general, you need a complete idea of ​​how the room will look after the work is completed. This is the main purpose of the Room Planner app. True, you will not be able to create a floor plan with drawing accuracy – there will still be some assumptions, but it will still be much clearer than a pencil drawing on paper.

The plan adjustment mode provides for zooming in and out, changing the location of doors and windows, and some other things. You can also fill in the sketches with furniture (eg IKEA furniture) of your choice. If you do not like IKEA, anyway, placing a wardrobe and chair even from this store will make it much clearer how the room will look even with other pieces of furniture.

All the apps in this article are free , but Room Planner, for example, has in-app purchases. Here you already need to understand what you need, but with these applications, repair or construction can be at least a little, but easier. After all, those who have encountered repairs are well aware of what it is and how they want to simplify this process at least a little.