Neural Network “PREQUEL” draws from a photo. Like Lensa but for free

Neural Network “PREQUEL” draws from a photo. Like Lensa but for free

10 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Recently, neural networks that draw from photos have gained immense popularity. They allow you to make a real work of art out of a banal photo or just laugh at how AI turns the most ordinary person either into a zombie or into a Navi from the planet Pandora. We have already talked about the Lensa app,
which makes a beautiful avatar out of a photo, but there is another similar program – PREQUEL. Unlike Lensa, it is free, but behind this obvious advantage lies a lot of nuances that each of you should be aware of.

Free neural network PREQUEL

You can download PREQUEL through Google Play or any other appstore. There you will also read the reviews, and they are extremely positive for this program: 4.6/5 versus 3.3/5 for the Lensa application.

I agree, the result is, to put it mildly, controversial. But let’s not forget that the target audience of such applications is by no means men from the factory. Although there is a good preset for them in PREQUEL. It is called “Zombie” and turns any hard worker into a man who went out for mineral water on January 1st.

And the neural network does all this for free. True, not without reservations. By default, a limited number of effects are available to the user. It is not immediately possible to understand that a particular preset is available only after subscribing, which is why a lot of time is wasted. In addition, you can save only 3 pictures for 12 hours for free,
and each of them will be accompanied by a distinctive signature PREQUEL. But this is the least of the problems, since removing a watermark from a photo is not difficult if you read our thematic material.

How to use the PREQUEL neural network

With all the shortcomings, the PREEQUEL neural network can still be used. So, if you want to draw a portrait from a photo or just experiment with the image, follow the instructions:

  • Run PREQUEL.
  • Choose an effect.
  • Upload a photo.
  • Save the final image.

What neural network draws from a photo

Lensa and PREQUEL are not unique applications that allow you to run photos through a neural network. There are many other similar programs on Google Play, which in some aspects will be even better than more promoted software.

The Photo Lab app deserves special mention. Here you can try to create an avatar,
which at least does not make one doubt the gender of the person in the photo. And thanks for that.

Inside Photo Lab there is an incredible number of presets that can really be used for free without noticeable restrictions. Yes, the photo will have a watermark. But is this a serious problem?

Anyway, Photo Lab is a neural network app for fun with no practical use. But neural networks that improve photo quality are much more necessary software. Check out our thematic material and find out what artificial intelligence can really do.

Thank you for attention!