How to download any video from YouTube and other services

How to download any video from YouTube and other services

10 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

I often work with video materials, and often I am not limited only to those videos that I shot myself. Often there is a need to “fill in” the space on the timeline with something, and here thematic videos from YouTube and other video services come to the rescue. There are several solutions on how to download videos from YouTube – I decided to talk about the one that I myself have been using for almost 7 years. This is an application that many have probably heard of, but since questions from readers and viewers continue to come in, we will show all the cards.

We used to use special plug-ins for Chrome or Safari in the editorial office for a long time, which allow you to download the desired video from the Web. The problem was that most plugins download videos at a maximum resolution of 1080p, and sometimes even 720p. When you edit a video in 4K, it does not fit at all. In addition, the plugin is often written for a specific site, and finding one that will download not only from YouTube, but also from TikTok, Facebook or Vimeo is never easy at all.

Not to mention that plugins sometimes work unstable: the video does not download completely, sometimes you get a corrupted file or does not allow you to download the selected video at all. Not surprisingly, such plugins are usually written by enthusiastic programmers in their spare time, no one really tests them.

YouTube Video Downloader App

Everything changed when our employee, who edits for the our channel , spoke about the 4K Video Downloader application , which he uses to download videos from various services, including YouTube. In just a week, the entire editorial team removed all sorts of crooked plug-ins and downloaded this application to their computer. It works on both PC and Mac or Linux, so there is a version for any platform .

Why is it so good? First, a simple and intuitive interface. Just copy the link to the desired video and click “Paste Link”. After the application analyzes the video, it will offer to download it in all formats available for this video. Optionally, you can even download subtitles if you need them for your video.

Just paste the link to the desired video

Secondly, 4K Video Downloader supports downloading not only from YouTube, but also TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and most other sites in maximum quality. Videos load quickly, there are no restrictions on the number of downloaded videos.

A few seconds – and the video is already on your computer