Android TV. Which browser is better?

Android TV. Which browser is better?

9 January 2023 0 By georgedeveloper22

Android TV. Which browser is better? The Android TV platform is not only an excellent operating system for watching movies, but also for surfing the Internet. Think about it: just connect speakers, a mouse and a keyboard to your TV, after which you can use it as a real computer! However, one of the main functions of a PC is to surf the Internet, but the browser for Android TV still has to be downloaded separately. It may seem that you can get by with the usual Google Chrome, at the same time syncing all your bookmarks and passwords, but it does not work as perfectly as on a smartphone or tablet. Let’s check which browser to choose for Android TV. There is something to think about here.


  • 1.Google Chrome for Android TV
  • 2.Firefox for Android TV
  • 3.Good browser for Android TV

Please note that not all apps are available on Google Play on Android TV. I’ll leave links to third party apps, but you can download them yourself if you don’t trust the source!

1.Google Chrome for Android TV

Google Chrome for Android TV
Interestingly, Google Chrome is not preinstalled on Android TV, although the developer is the same company. For unknown reasons, the browser is not adapted to work on a TV, and it is not yet available in the Android TV app store, but you can download the APK file and install it using our instructions.

In general, the browser works well, but you need to be prepared for the fact that it does not support some remotes – you will have to use the mouse. All the functions of Google Chrome from a smartphone are also available on the TV, but keep in mind that it does not work as fast. If the phone is dead, and the laptop is somewhere far away, then Google Chrome on the TV is quite suitable for checking mail or news, but nothing more. There are better options.

2.Firefox for Android TV

The Mozilla browser does not have a version for Android TV, but you can still safely download it to your TV. Of course, the application is not on Google Play, but already due to certain requirements of Google regarding applications for Android TV. The main feature is the support for extensions: many of them work without any problems.

Personally, I also noticed that the web version of YouTube in the browser runs smoother and faster than in a standalone application, but it is a little more difficult to do this due to the remote control features. Tabs open quickly, there are no freezes when minimizing, but the interface shows that Firefox works well on Android TV.

3.Good browser for Android TV

It may seem that there are simply no normal browsers for Android TV, but this is not so: the forums advise you to try Puffin TV. I downloaded it and did not regret it: yes, it looks a little old-fashioned and does not look like other browsers, but at the same time it works very quickly and easily. If Chrome minimizes and reopens hard enough, Puffin TV does it with ease.

One of the advantages is that it is optimized specifically for Android TV, so it works with any remote control. Plays music and videos seamlessly with cloud rendering, allows you to transfer bookmarks to your TV using a QR code, and displays web pages while maintaining formatting. It is convenient that it is available on Google Play on the TV – you can always download it!

Thank you for attention!