WhatsApp will allow you to send messages to yourself. Why is it needed

WhatsApp will allow you to send messages to yourself. Why is it needed

10 December 2022 0 By georgedeveloper22

Smartphones have replaced a lot of things for us, and now we rely on them for almost everything. In particular, it is in them that we make notes so as not to forget that we need to go somewhere or do something. Android users have many handy options when it comes to taking notes and saving links for later visits in WhatsApp. You can choose individual applications that are created specifically for this, or just throw everything into the “Favorites” chat in Telegram. But we’re used to constantly getting something new, aren’t we? And now the time has come again. But now, as they say, it has crept up from where they did not expect it.

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  • 1. Whatsapp new features.
  • 2. Sending messages to yourself.
  • 3. Can you send messages to yourself on WhatsApp?
  • 4. Most popular messenger.

1. Whatsapp new features.

WhatsApp developers seem interested in catching up a bit and are now testing new features for their messenger. They allow you to send messages to yourself. And what it is for and how you will use it is up to you. For now, let’s take a closer look at this.

2. Sending messages to yourself.

Sending messages to yourself can seem a bit silly if you’re not used to doing it and don’t really understand what it’s for. But this process has its advantages – instead of installing a special application for notes or using standard tools, you can simply send links and notes to yourself by message. This method is convenient because you do not need to copy anything, but you can simply click “share” and send the desired text / link. It is even more convenient to save messages from friends or colleagues in this way so as not to forget about them.

Since multi-device support is already available, you can even use chats with yourself to transfer small files between devices. This is more convenient than transferring them through a file hosting service, in which you need to log in and upload files separately. In general, there are fewer actions, and this is always convenient.

3. Can you send messages to yourself on WhatsApp?

With the new beta version of the Android app, select WhatsApp beta testers get special access. They will be able to test a feature that allows them to send messages to themselves. It is still difficult to say how this will be implemented in the future, because at this stage it is only testing, but it can already be understood that WhatsApp has the most serious attitude towards this function.

As for how the feature works, it’s not completely clear either, and it will appear in later versions. In the meantime, we can only assume what exactly we will get in the final version. When you tap the floating action button in the bottom right corner of the screen, you are prompted to send a message to a new contact, a new group, or a new community. Under these options, you see a list of all your contacts who also use WhatsApp. The new option to send a message to yourself may probably appear in your contact list in a future update.

However, it is already possible to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp using a Click to Message link or using a WhatsApp group in which you are the only member. However, these methods are entirely in the realm of workarounds, and not in the main ways. It would be nice to see the option directly in the send menu. Until then, users who can already send messages to themselves can pin that chat with themselves to their chat list.

So it can be easily accessed from all applications that support the ability to send messages through this messenger.

4. Most popular messenger.

Recently, WhatsApp developers have begun to work much more actively on updates and adding new features. Against the backdrop of how Telegram is rapidly gaining an audience, the “green messenger” has no choice. The most interesting thing is that all the features that we talk about as new have been part of Telegram for a long time. Including the function of sending messages to yourself. It has not only existed for a long time, but is also actively used by those who have chosen this messenger for themselves.

This is very convenient, and therefore it is interesting to see how WhatsApp will rise to the challenge and be able to implement this feature. One thing is clear – when you have almost two billion users, it is difficult to change something so as not to break everything and everyone. This is partly why this messenger is so clumsy.

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