How to download a virus on your phone and prank a friend.

How to download a virus on your phone and prank a friend.

10 December 2022 0 By georgedeveloper22

About 15 years ago, when the Internet was not very common (especially in the outback), we often transferred files to each other via Bluetooth from phone to phone. I remember how, as a teenager, I was seriously frightened when, while receiving a file, I found on my phone the inscription “Attention! Virus detected.” It turned out that this is how a friend called his device in the Bluetooth settings. Today, it is unlikely that anyone would be frightened by seeing this, but there is a more realistic way to play a friend: download a virus to your phone. Of course, not real.

To do this, we need to install a special prank application on a friend’s smartphone (I found 3 such programs at once).

Do this with his consent, asking, for example, to see photos from a recent trip. After installation, do not forget to give the program permission to display on top of other applications, as well as show pop-up windows. It will also be useful for you to learn how to remove the icons from the screen so that the draw is a success.

For the effect to work, the application needs to grant several permissions

Well, now to the point. An application with a fake virus displays a kind of mask on the smartphone screen in the form of a blue screen of death or a text warning. It cannot be hidden in the usual way (for example, by swiping right or left), but you can quickly remove it by simply shaking the device. funny? Then take a look at 3 applications that will help you download a virus to your Android phone.

Content :

  • 1. Virus Maker Prank – download viruses for free
  • 2. How to Prank a Friend with Virus PRANK
  • 3. Fake Virus – virus application on the phone

1. Virus Maker Prank – download viruses for free.

This is the first app of its kind that I came across by looking at APKPure. It offers 4 draw options:

  • Creation of dead pixel effect.
  • Black screen of death.
  • Blue screen of death.
  • Red window full screen.

In the “Phone will be infected in” tab, you need to specify the period of time after which the virus will appear on the screen. In the “Countdown time” tab, the duration of the display is set. To start, press the “Run virus” button and watch your friend’s reaction.

2. How to Prank a Friend with Virus PRANK.

A very similar application for those who want to download a virus on Android. Unlike the previous program, Virus PRANK can be downloaded from Google Play. At the same time, its functionality is almost the same as the capabilities of Virus Maker Prank.

By clicking the “Fake Virus” button, you can choose a dialog box template from 4 options. The “Show after” tab sets the time after which the effect will appear on the screen, and in the “Hide after” item, you need to specify when the fake virus itself stops making itself felt.

It will not be possible to forcefully end the draw by shaking the smartphone. But when using Virus PRANK, you can pull down the notification shade and tap on the program’s alert to stop it from running. I note that the application has a serious drawback: an unprecedented amount of built-in advertising.

3. Fake Virus – virus application on the phone.

The following application is notable for its simplicity and minimalism. Yes, it is also not translated into English, but there are no complicated settings inside. Just specify in how many seconds to download the virus on Android, and click the “Start virus” button.

After that, a blue screen will appear on the screen with information that the virus is deleting files from the smartphone. To end the prank, you need to shake your phone or pull down the notification shade to launch Fake Virus through a pop-up alert. Unfortunately, the duration of the effect is only 30 seconds, but there is not a single advertising banner in the application.

Thank you for your attention!