3 Best Offline Players for iPhone

3 Best Offline Players for iPhone

2 December 2022 0 By Admin

1. Flacbox: Hi-Res audio player

Flacbox Media Player For iPhone

“Flac” in the name should not scare you – the utility recognizes different formats, even if it’s an antediluvian MP3. You can sync music from streaming service accounts or read music from iPhone storage. The application will not leave you without music even in the car, because it supports CarPlay and AirPlay.

You can even connect One Drive or Dropbox cloud storage, from where music is automatically synchronized! In addition, there is a sleep timer, shuffle, search and background mode. If you want to adjust the equalizer, please be kind enough to pay. The rest of the application can be used for free and troubles do not know.

2. jetAudio — HD music player

jetAudio Hi-Res Music Player

One of the most beautiful players for iPhone! It has a not very large font and only two colors – green and gray, so the interface does not hurt the eyes. The player has a concise full-screen playback page, so if there is a cover in the track, it will turn out very beautiful. Can you imagine how cool it will look on the iPad?

The application works with FLAC, OGG, MP3, WAV and other formats and is free to use. They say there are advertisements, but I never noticed them there. The equalizer, color schemes and other features can be unlocked with the purchase of the paid version, but the player works fine anyway: just transfer the tracks to the iPhone from the “Downloads” folder to the “jetAudio” folder and away we go!

3. Listen: Gesture Music Player

Listen: The Gesture Music Player

A player with one of the highest ratings in the App Store: either users do not favor them, or developers are lazy, but Listen: Gesture Music Player has a lot to learn. The convenience of the player is that it does not have the traditional navigation buttons, rewind and other gizmos that we are used to – the control is due to swipes in the right directions from the middle of the screen.

Yes, it’s a little strange, but you get used to it quickly: the main thing is not to skip the description when you first start the program. After memorizing the gestures, ordinary players seem to be some kind of wildness. The application is free, but, unfortunately, requires a subscription to Apple Music, from where the music is synchronized.