I used to be afraid to play poker. I wonder why?

I used to be afraid to play poker. I wonder why?

31 January 2022 4 By namekate

Hello!) I’m Kate, and this is my author’s column on the TinyTunesAPP website. Here I will share with you my thoughts, experience, and in general everything that seems interesting to me from the world of making money on the Internet, or from life).

Today I would like to talk a little about poker: about my attitude towards it, and how I found out about it in general and why I was afraid to start playing poker for a long time)

playing poker

I learned about poker around 2011, at that time I was on maternity leave and worked as a copywriter on one of the online earning services. She wrote articles on various topics, and one of these topics was the topic of poker. All I knew at that time about poker was that poker is a game, and that it is a game for money. I had to carefully study the topic of poker, and that’s when I became interested in it.

But not right away….. For the first few orders, of course, “ok Google” helped me very well, but then it wasn’t enough for me and I went further: I registered on one of the poker forums, which at that time was very popular – Neverfold and started communicate with these very players (pretending that I also play).

It was at that moment of being on the poker forum that I became interested in playing poker.

Why was I initially afraid to play poker?

For all the time I was on the poker forum, I realized that poker is cool)). But on the other hand, for a long time I did not dare to study this game, and even more so – to play for money. In my free time, I watched videos on YouTube, studied combinations (for me it was a dark forest, and for the first few weeks I generally hardly understood which hand I would win and which hand I would lose). But, having made some efforts, I slowly learned to play (to be more precise, I mastered the rules of the game … I was still far from “learned”.)

I still didn’t risk playing, although, to be honest, my hands itched))). The reasons why I was afraid to play poker were very simple:

It’s a money game and I didn’t want to lose anything
I understood that this was a game of chance, and I was simply afraid to “stick” on it.
I was afraid that I would begin to degrade if I started to devote more time to the game than …. More precisely, most of my free time …
But, as they say, exactly what we are afraid of happens to us: my curiosity got the better of me, I started playing in one educational poker room, practically for “wrappers”, just out of interest, just for the sake of playing).

My poker in practice

To my surprise, in practice I was good at playing and winning … but not right away … At first I lost terribly, but then I worked on my mistakes, worked out my style of play and started to play well (plus +). I enrolled in a paid poker school, there I more or less learned certain information for myself (although, as for me, they don’t sell anything so secret there, in these schools).

Then I registered in several poker rooms and started playing poker for real money. I played mainly at nl2-nl5 cash limits, and small tournaments with buy-ins from $2 to $5.

In the poker room 888, I was lucky to somehow take 2nd place in an MTT tournament and win something like $200 with a buy-in of 2.2) For me, it was happiness. My first victory) In addition, there were many more small victories, somewhere plus 10, somewhere plus 50 dollars in tournaments, and also a little in cash … how much poker players earn is a moot point for me: it is influenced by many factors. Yes, you can make money playing poker, but you can earn much more by investing your time in something else…

Plus time minus money

There were times when I entered the tournament, for example, at 7 pm, and by 10, by 11 pm – when I need to go to bed – I can’t fly out) I had to play until 3 and 4 in the morning, and in the morning Get up early and go to your “favorite” job. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at all, because I played until the morning, and there was no point in going to bed for one hour (it’s very difficult to wake up later) …

There was such a moment that I played somewhere from 6 in the evening: tired of sitting at the computer – late at night I went to bed to finish playing from the phone, I was one of the first for a long time and I fell asleep on one of the breaks ..) )) …. I just passed out … my body could no longer withstand such “loads”, and sleepless nights playing poker … This went on for probably about six months: sleepless nights, tired appearance …. The further – the worse … The longer you play – the more tired you get and you win less….Tilt…upstreaks-downstreaks…eternal change of moods=nervous exhaustion…


At one fine moment, I said to myself “enough, stop” …. In poker, after all, the main thing is to stop in time: to stop and come out with a win. Stop and come out… a winner… I don’t know why exactly I decided to leave poker: I reached the ceiling that I was able to achieve and realized that I couldn’t pull any higher, or I was just very tired… I still don’t know what exactly I am guided … But I know one thing: it was a very correct decision. I wrote to the support of eights to block my account for the hell of a damn thing, since I no longer plan to play poker, but at Pokerstars I just used the “responsible gaming” option and blocked my access to the game for a year.

And what is the RESULT?

And in the end: I won a life! Yes, yes, that’s right, I didn’t lose my life, I didn’t screw up, I didn’t lose it while sitting at the computer, which means I won it! I’ve finally started to get on with my life as much as possible. I started exploring new ways to earn money, discovered a lot of opportunities that I would never have paid attention to if I continued to play poker.

Now I can make good money on the Internet: I have 4 of my own sites. I don’t just make money on the Internet, but I also give others the opportunity to earn money: I currently have 8 people in my team, each of them earns from 200 to 800 dollars a month on average, for me they earn as much as for themselves .

But I don’t want to stop there, I plan to go further and not stop there.

My opinion: to play poker or not to play?

If I rewind time, given my experience, and ask myself the question “to play or not to play poker”, I would not play poker. I don’t see any point in it… At least, it’s definitely not worth playing poker so enthusiastically. It interferes with life.

Am I playing poker now? – Yes, I do, but this is a maximum of 1-2 times a month or less often, for a couple of hours, to unload the brain) … The rest of the time I simply have no time to play because there is a lot of work, there is always something to do – life is in full swing).

To everyone who has read all this all this nonsense to the end – low bow))