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Rolling Mouse – generate energy correctly


Rolling Mouse – generate energy correctly.

This is another clicker from a little-known company, which has gained considerable popularity due to the so-called “cute” design and well-developed gameplay. It is worth noting that there have really been a lot of such games lately, and Rolling Mouse is their brightest representative.

On the screen there is a hamster (or mouse) that runs on the wheel. By tapping on the screen, the player generates more energy. By collecting energy, you can improve the wheel, the skills of the hamster. At the same time, in addition to the hamster, the game features many other animals.

Here you can even change the interior of the room where the pet is located. I really liked the implementation of monetization. The developers have not just built in a banner with ads, but made it part of the gameplay. For example, since a pet needs to eat, it needs to refresh its food bowl periodically. To add food or water to a bowl, you need to watch an ad – a fun solution.

The game also catches the drawing of objects. The design will undoubtedly appeal to children, who are the main target audience of the game. What do you think? Rolling Mouse – a worthy representative of games of this genre?

Application: Rolling Mouse – Hamster Clicker

Developer: FUNgry

Category: Casual Adventure

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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