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FreeBalls – for lovers of object physics


FreeBalls – for lovers of object physics.

FreeBalls can hardly be called a game, meanwhile it can hardly be called a functional application. It’s more of an app that can calm your nerves. Users can simply enjoy the physics of objects on the screen. To be more precise, we are talking about balls and water. At the same time, water particles are also presented in the form of balls, but they have the physics of water, while ordinary balls have the physics of solids.

In the application menu, you can select “Bubbles” or “Liquid”, as mentioned above. You can adjust the number of particles on the screen, as well as the size of the field, which automatically changes depending on the number of particles. In other words, users won’t be able to create a field wherever the particles fit.

You can change the “Physics Internation” value. Until the end, we did not understand the need for this setting, however, with an increase in iterations, the performance of the smartphone drops significantly. By the way, about performance: it is also a good tool for assessing the speed of the device’s processor, since, in addition to entertainment purposes, the application includes a “Benchmark” mode.

Orientation and color effects can also be activated. Using orientation, you can control the balls by moving the smartphone in space. We hope that the application will be useful to our readers.

App: Free Balls

Developer: FreemanZlat

Category: Casual

Version: 3.04

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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