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Flip Master – Jump like the last time


Flip Master – Jump like the last time. Americans often install trampolines with protective nets in their yards. The thing is universal: you can have fun with friends or entertain YouTubers with videos with falls. A trampoline will not fit into our apartments – Flip Master will help out . In the game we become kings of somersaults and tamers of rotations.

After clicking on the icon, we get to the main menu. Press the green button and go through the training mode. The controls are simple: tap on the screen when the athlete is in the air. The longer the press, the faster it spins. Swipes to the right and left carry the athlete along the surface of the trampoline.

We land on the back or legs. You can’t fall on your stomach or head – the game will end immediately.

We jump at different locations. In the course of the jumps, we collect coins, which will then be useful for purchases. 300 coins will speed up the rotation twice, increase the height of the jump or the speed of movement. The game also has other bonuses.

Jumping is fun. The slightest miscalculation in turnover will wring the main character’s neck, so we sit down at the smartphone with maximum concentration and attention. Further in the game there will be different types of jumps, characters and locations.

Flip Master is a useless jumper to save time. If you need to wait out the line at the clinic or take the metro through the whole city, be sure to download it.

App: Flip Master


Category: Sports games

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Download: Google Play

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