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Web Development Tools – web programmer’s reference


Web Development Tools – web programmer’s reference. Novice web developers, and, by the way, professionals have probably come across a situation where they needed to remember the syntax or the necessary tag. The Web Development Tools app is a reference for HTML5 and CSS features.

The main window consists of four sections. The first contains icons that can be used in CSS using the fa prefix . The application also describes in detail the possibilities of using icons.

The second section consists of Material Design colors. We select one of the common colors, and a window opens with a gradation of the selected color. The third section is HTML tags, categorized to work with various objects, whether tables or text. The fourth section contains CSS tips (properties, position, scale, and so on).

As such, there are no settings in the application, as well as advertising. Implementing such an application is not difficult, but sometimes quality is determined not by the complexity of implementation, but by usefulness, and this is the case. Recommended for download.

Application: Web Development Tools

Developer: ZigZag Melody

Category: Tools

Version: 1.1.2

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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