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How to improve the autonomy of a smartphone?


How to improve the autonomy of a smartphone?

Autonomy is of great importance for users who do not have time to constantly charge their gadgets, but who at the same time actively use the device without thinking about how to increase the autonomy of the device. However, it is possible and the Servicely application will help us .

This application allows you to block the work of installed applications in the background. With Servicely, you can even control the operation of various services. However, you need to be careful, as disabling important services can lead to system failure. In this case, only rebooting the device will help.

The application consists of three windows. The first window is a kind of control panel where you can configure various features, such as launching the Servicely app automatically when you turn on your smartphone, or the experimental “Force App Standby” feature, which allows you to put all applications into standby mode when the display is turned off.

The second window has two tabs: “Running apps” and “Installed apps”. The first tab displays a list of running applications, the second – a list of all installed ones. Clicking on the application will activate the background blocking feature.

The third window contains services with similar two tabs. Clicking on a service will stop it. The application is quite useful and does not require Root rights. Recommended.

Application: Servicely — for your battery life

Developer: Francisco Franco

Category: Tools

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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