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Problems with your smartphone? TestM will let you know what’s wrong


Problems with your smartphone? TestM will let you know what’s wrong.

A smartphone is a complex device that is often highly prone to breakage and damage. From time to time, the gadget behaves strangely, and nervous users strive to immediately contact the service center. This pleasure is not cheap, usually if it suddenly turns out that the reason was not a hardware problem, but a software bug. There is one application on Google Play that will allow you to identify the problem with a high degree of certainty and save money on diagnostics.

The application is called TestM, and the uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that, having gained access to certain hardware components of the smartphone, the application is able to diagnose these components and identify problems that are worth paying attention to. Dropped your smartphone, exposed it to some other kind of hostile environment? Suddenly it became bad to catch the signal of the network? Do not rush to run to the repair, suddenly the problem is of a software nature and will be solved after a banal reboot.

For example, the first test is that you need to move your finger across the entire surface of the display. If some areas do not respond, this is a reason to doubt that the touch screen is working properly.

The speaker is tested in a similar way: the application will say three numbers, and you will need to type in what you heard. The microphone is checked by simply saying the word “Hello” and then recognizing it by the system.

The TestM application also tests the operation of the cameras, light sensor, proximity sensor, fingerprint scanner and other smartphone hardware components that we use regularly, although we have the opportunity to test them all when buying a device.

Some will notice that the battery test is not included in the diagnostics, but for this it is rather worth expressing respect to honest developers. It has been repeatedly proven that applications that calculate the health status of batteries are nothing more than a scam.

Even if it seems to you that the smartphone is working perfectly, the developers recommend regularly checking it, and it is advised to choose not a fast one, but a complete one. Still, a smartphone is an important tool in our lives, and you must always be sure that it is 100% in good working order. Therefore, we recommend installing and using the TestM application from time to time, especially since it is distributed free of charge.

The program, by the way, will also help to check the device before selling it, so that the buyer is sure that the product is working. After passing the test, the seller can share its results with the buyer: either send them by mail, or save them as a picture and send them via messenger. By the way, if you know the IMEI of this device, you can familiarize yourself with the test results by going to the official website of the service .

In short, this program is mandatory for installation by everyone who from time to time encounters incorrect smartphone operation, and this probably happens to everyone. Although, if everything is in order with your faithful friend, you still need to check it periodically. We ourselves do not spare time for regular medical examinations, and who said that smartphones do not need the same? And most importantly: the program is completely free!

Application: TestM

Developer: TestM

Category: Tools

Version: 1.6.8

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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