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Notion – the best cross-platform notes


Notion – the best cross-platform notes.

It’s hard to imagine a more convenient and enjoyable note-taking solution. And it’s not just about smartphones. Notion has a website, app for macOS and Windows. Developers have even released mobile apps. We have tested the Android version. It’s safe to say that the application is Web-based, so the user experience is more like Progressive Web Apps.

Well, now let’s study Notion. For mobile platforms, the application is completely free, but developers need to earn money, so the desktop and web versions have some limitations, for example, you can use Notion for free up to 1000 entries, and then $ 4 per month. The price tag is quite small – about 3$ per month.

The application is a note with the ability to embed various content. The notes themselves can be inserted into each other, forming an endless nesting of pages. On the pages you can place text, to-do list, numbered and dotted list, quotes, separators, tables, galleries, calendar, images, audio, code, file, video, you can style text in markdown format; and this is only a small part of the functions. In a word, the possibilities of the application as a notepad are endless.

Now a little about interaction with other users. Let’s say we want to share a note. To do this, you can just provide a link to another person, by clicking on which he will open a note. But before that, you should set the appropriate rights to the note. You can make a note fully accessible to everyone, or to a specific person.

For me personally, the presence of a dark theme was a nice bonus. In general, from the point of view of design, there are no questions to the application. Notion is just perfect.

.Application: Notion – Notes, Tasks, Wikis

Developer: Notion Labs, Inc.

Category: WorkVersion: 0.3.7

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

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