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LessPhone Launcher is the most minimalistic launcher for Android


LessPhone Launcher is the most minimalistic launcher for Android.

I have already written more than once that third-party launchers are inferior in quality to standard solutions from manufacturers, however, you can find excellent options among a bunch of low-quality software. Earlier we published a review of the Niagara launcher. Then I called it the best launcher for Android. Today it is worth talking about its direct competitor LessPhone Launcher .

Conceptually, both launchers are very similar. In both cases, one column with several applications is used. At the same time, Niagara does not limit users in the settings, as it is in beta status. But, for example, LessPhone forbids activating a dark theme or increasing the number of applications on the main screen in the free version. In addition, LessPhone Launcher does not have a menu of all applications, so if you want to open any application that is not on the main screen, you will have to go to the launcher settings and add it manually to an already occupied slot. But perhaps the developers did it on purpose so that the user is not distracted by other applications.

The main advantage of LessPhone is its simplicity. You will not find a launcher that has such a simple and user-friendly interface. No wallpapers, no widgets, nothing extra. And such a solution was not enough in Google Play for a very long time. In my opinion, LessPhone is better than any other launcher due to its minimalism and amazing design.

To call the “Phone” application, you must click on the “Dialer” button in the lower right corner.

Of the additional advantages, one can note a small built-in application with tasks, which will allow you not to forget about important matters in a hectic everyday life.

App: LessPhone Launcher – Less Addiction More Life

Developer: Aswin MohanCategory: Work

Version: 3.0.7

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Application already interested: 528 people

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