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Top 5 Hunting Apps for Android


Top 5 Hunting Apps for Android.

Today, hunting is no longer as popular as it used to be. This happened at least due to the fact that now there is no need to get food and clothing in such a wild way. However, there are still a lot of those who like to get out on an active holiday sometimes, and hunting is just such a holiday. In general, you might think that there will be no benefit from a smartphone while hunting, but this is a delusion.

In our opinion, there are three types of applications for hunters. Applications of the first type are something like social networks or communities for hunting enthusiasts, where you can chat with brothers in arms, learn some new information or, conversely, share experiences. The second type of application is designed to make it easier to navigate the terrain for hunting. These are some kind of maps that show territories with private properties and areas for hunting itself. Last in line, but not the least important type – applications to imitate the sounds of the animal world. In such applications, there is a large set of recordings of sounds made by different animals. In this material, we have compiled for you the top five applications, in which we tried to collect applications from all three of the listed categories.



HuntStand is probably your best bet for a versatile hunting app. It has a variety of maps for easy navigation of the area along with various important information and hints. The app also has tracking features, a weather forecast, and even some sort of social component for you to connect with other hunters. It is possible to personally customize the maps for your own needs, synchronize them between devices and edit maps in the application itself. The application cannot, perhaps, shoot animals for you, it can do the rest. In HuntStand, you can disable ads and activate additional features for money.

onX Hunt

onX Hunt is another map app for hunters that includes topographic maps, aerial maps and more. The application also shows the boundaries of private territories and designated areas for hunting. Some of the app’s other features include GPS support, near-map and waypoint, and easy location tracking. Many of its features are also available offline without a network connection.


Powderbook is a kind of social network for hunters. In the application you can find a large number of professionals who will help you better understand the hunting craft. In addition, there is an opportunity to share your own story with other hunters. At the moment, the app is a great resource for beginner and intermediate level hunters.

Hunting Apps by Vstd

Vstd is a developer who has some great hunting apps on Google Play. Technically, these are applications for luring animals by imitating their sounds. Each app has a variety of animal sounds of different species, including deer, elk, ducks, coyotes, geese, and turkeys. The design of these applications is quite simple, but the functionality and quality of the sound recordings are excellent. Each application also has a premium version, but it’s just not clear what it gives – there seems to be no difference.

Zello walkie-talkie

Zello walkie-talkie is perhaps the best app of its kind for mobile phones at the moment. The name of the application speaks for itself. Zello walkie-talkie – imitates an ordinary walkie-talkie that allows several hunters or even groups of hunters to communicate with each other. The app has both public and private chats with push-to-talk and text messages. Zello walkie-talkie works well even with a weak network signal and has push notifications in case you or the other person is busy. Of course, no one canceled regular calls and SMS, but the good old walkie-talkie is still able to help a group of hunters stay in touch. Plus, the Zello walkie-talkie app is free.

It goes without saying that there are many more hunting applications than five from this top. If we missed any great hunting apps for Android, let us know in the comments!

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