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How to create memes on Android


How to create memes on Android.

Did you know that the memes that are so popular on social media are, according to one theory, created by Harry Frees in the 1970s? He loved taking pictures of his cats, and then came up with funny captions for the photos and thus created original greeting cards for that time. But it wasn’t until the 2000s that memes gained widespread attention from a young audience, which served to popularize them. And although cats are still popular on the Internet, it is not necessary to use them to create memes. Moreover, you don’t even have to take pictures of anything either. You just need to download the appropriate application and start having fun

Creating memes on your smartphone is easy!


MemeTastic – Free and Unlimited

If you are looking for a free and open source app, then MemeTastic is made for you. The app is easy to use, doesn’t watermark, and has no ads. To create memes, there is a gallery of templates that can also be edited. Not only can the meme text be overlaid on top of the image, but you can also change the text size, font, and other options. All in all, MemeTatic is a simple app that has all the features you need.

Download: MemeTastic

Mematic – Create from scratch quickly and easily

Mematic comes with a collection of images and popular memes to choose from that you can quickly add your own captions to and upload directly to popular social media sites. At the same time, no one forbids using your own images from the smartphone gallery. We are also pleased with the integration with the WhatsApp messenger, which is quite convenient. No need to save the picture and load it later separately. You can send it to someone directly.

Download: Mematic

Meme Generator Free – Helps you find inspiration

In addition to the already familiar function for creating memes using templates, Meme Generator Free has a rather interesting example option. That is, you can “ask” the program to come up with a signature for you. Yes, the options that the program offers are taken from memes created by other users. But their inscriptions can inspire you to create something of your own. Well, there is also the possibility of adjusting fonts, the function of cropping images and the ability to post memes on social networks. Oh yes, advertising here, alas, is also present.

Download: Meme Generator Free

GATM Meme Generator – Create and Share

GATM Meme Generator allows you not only to create your own funny images, but also to upload the creations of other users of the service. The user interface, alas, is not the most convenient, but you can easily sort memes into categories. There are three tabs. The first is for reading memes, the second is for creating memes, and the third is for saving them. All the necessary functions are here. In addition, as a simple viewer of funny pictures, GATM Meme Generator can also be used. And that will be enough for many.

Download: GATM Meme Generator

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