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The most secure messengers on Android


The most secure messengers on Android. Millions of people exchange messages every day around the world. But have you ever wondered what happens to a message when you send it? Is it intercepted by any third party users? Or maybe the company’s servers are not reliable enough? Even if paranoia aside, it is worth recognizing that we live in an era where the personal data of users is of special value. Therefore, when exchanging information, one must be extremely careful. And we will help you with this with our selection of the most secure messengers on Android.

It should be noted right away that the well-known Viber or WhatsApp will not be here, since the selection was created so that you learn something new. Well, you already know about Telegram.


Signal Private Messenger – Safe and Convenient

Signal Private Messenger uses advanced end-to-end encryption to protect all messages and is completely free and fairly easy to use. The best thing about this private messaging app is that it is open source. Thus, cybersecurity experts are free to check the application code for any flaws. There are also other features such as encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer, and files. All this, as you understand, is also encrypted.

Download: Signal Private Messenger

Threema – Excellent, but there is one caveat

The only thing that can scare you away when using Threema is that it is paid. In addition to powerful end-to-end encryption technologies, messages sent from the application are immediately deleted from the servers after they are delivered to the interlocutor. The application uses different cryptographic libraries that are regularly updated and “shuffled” to make messages almost harder to crack.

Download: Threema

Wickr Me – Leaves no traces

Wickr Me is another impressive encrypted messaging app. Repeating for the third time the functions that competitors already have does not make sense, so let’s focus on the unique features. The first is Shredder, which permanently deletes all your chats, media content, and files from your device. The second is an “expiration timer” for your messages, which self-destruct after being read or after a certain period of time.

Download: Wickr Me

Silence – Quieter than water, lower than grass

Silence uses Axolotl’s encryption protection to provide end-to-end encryption of not only messages, but also phone numbers and user accounts. It is important to note that Silence can send encrypted data even if the application is not installed on the recipient’s smartphone. In this case, it is converted into a regular SMS.

Download: Silence

Dust – Communicate without problems

Dust does not store messages in persistent storage, and you can even set your chats to be destroyed as soon as the conversation is over. That being said, it’s funny that the authors of Dust have added an option that tells you to find out if the user you’re chatting with has taken a screenshot. In addition, Dust is also a social network and allows you to communicate with a mass of users without fear of leaking something important.

Download: Dust

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