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How to learn to play the harmonica using your smartphone


How to learn to play the harmonica using your smartphone. Modern smartphones give us the opportunity to learn a bunch of things literally without getting up from the couch – the latest news, videos, movies and TV shows – everything is at your service. However, allow mobile devices and learn something new. For example, learn musical instruments. We already somehow touched on this topic regarding learning to play the guitar, but if this instrument seems too complicated for you, and even not the cheapest, because a good quality guitar costs a lot, then start with something simpler and cheaper. For example, from the harmonica. And convenient applications for learning will help you with this.

With the help of a smartphone, you can learn to play any musical instrument

Harmonica Easy Tab

Many refuse to learn this amazing musical instrument just because they do not have the necessary learning resource at their disposal. With this application, you start playing tunes, which are sorted according to difficulty levels – from beginner to professional. At the latest levels, you can play almost professional blues compositions. Agree, with this you can perfectly surprise your friends by playing at the party not the “classic” “Battery”, but something more extravagant. Yes, there are in-app purchases, but the initial levels are available for free, and after mastering them, it will be possible to decide whether you need “extra lessons” or not.

Download: Harmonica Easy Tab

Harmonica Lessons – Your personal music teacher

Harmonica Lessons is made primarily for those who almost see this musical instrument for the first time. There is a huge number of tutorials and lessons (including in video format) that you are invited to master. But not everything in the program is available offline. The same video tutorials require an active internet connection. Another exceptional feature is the section with cover versions of famous songs, adapted for harmonica, of course. Want to play “My heart will go on” from Titanic? No problem! And there are also several blues and jazz radio stations where you can listen to how the professionals handle the harmonica. Would you like to learn how to play the harmonica?

Download: Harmonica Lessons

Harmonica Tab Pro – And the student will become a master

This application is perhaps one of the most advanced in this collection. Before choosing the song you want to learn how to play, you must choose whether to display the tabs in numerical form or directly using notes. And here there is also a very unusual option for “playing along” the melody, when you have to get into the rhythm of the song being performed. The level of your “engagement” can be adjusted. Thus, it is quite convenient to learn new melodies, gradually increasing your skill as a performer. The program also supports cloud printing and allows you to print notes to make it easier for you to navigate them. A fun bonus for you will be the sleep mode, which plays soothing melodies and turns off the sound when the timer expires. Yes, this option does not help in learning,

Download: Harmonica Tab Pro

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