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Five applications for those who type and work with texts a lot


Five applications for those who type and work with texts a lot. There are people for whom working with texts ceases to be just something necessary and routine, like writing a memo at work, and becomes a real hobby to which they devote their free time. For some, text is work. Moreover, now you can earn good money on this. Whatever the sequence of letters on the screen or on paper is for you, the creators of the applications are trying to make the two of you something useful and convenient. Today we will talk about applications that will help in any work with text – from preparing a business letter to writing an entire book.

There is an opinion that writing with the wrong tools is like putting on jeans to run a marathon. It seems possible, but somehow it’s not. They simply do not provide the opportunities and comfort that are needed at this moment.

There are tons of recording apps and tools in the Play Store – so many that by the time you find the apps you want, you won’t need to write anything. To make it easier to make a choice, below I will give several applications that will help not only write text without errors, but also do it in different languages. And if you need it, there are even apps to write an entire book.


  1. JotterPad is an app for writers and screenwriters
  2. Pure Writer is an app for those who love to write
  3. WriterTools – a tool for working with text
  4. MS Word for Android – a proven classic
  5. Google translator – the easiest translation

JotterPad is an app for writers and screenwriters

JotterPad is a complete word processor disguised as a text editor. The interface of the application is minimalistic – very pleasant and understandable. Regardless of how you type, from an external or built-in keyboard, all functions will be available to you.

These features include support for dictionaries, enhanced character support, and bug fixes. When you first launch the application, you will be prompted to select the language for further work. There is also cloud integration with services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as offline editing.

JotterPad offers in-app purchases. There is a “creative” version of the app that costs $1.99 and unlocks features like formatting, custom fonts, a dark theme, and version control. And if you work with scripts, then for $ 30 a year you can unlock additional opportunities in this direction.

Pure Writer is an app for those who love to write

PureWriter is another minimalist-focused word processor, although it’s marketed as a security-focused app. Your work is periodically saved to the cloud, and the app will alert you if it fails for any reason.

At first it seems that there are too many sections in the application, but you understand them quickly enough and find something that will be useful. For example, I really liked the ability to break the text into paragraphs. This is when you just write, and the paragraphs are separated from each other by small indents. This makes it much easier to work with large texts.

PureWriter also offers many useful features for free, including version control, background themes, and support for fingerprint encryption. You can unlock the Pro version for $10 to get access to features like custom fonts, instant preview, and various export options. Despite the fact that I work with texts, when I used the application, the free version was enough for me.

WriterTools – a tool for working with text

For many who are not used to working with letters, this process seems intimidating, but modern technology helps to cope with it. WriterTools is an automatic project manager with features like timeline and character highlighting.

It should be noted that this application has not received updates for a long time, but at the same time it continues to work, and there is no feeling that the developers just “scored” it. Apparently, they are satisfied with everything, and so far there simply have not been so many edits to risk spoiling something.

However, if you want the full functionality, including cloud backup, dark theme, and advanced sync tools, you’ll pay $4.99 per month.

MS Word for Android – a proven classic

If you don’t want to experiment and try something new for work, especially since the applications above are aimed specifically at writers, just Word, which many are so used to, is perfect for you.

You can download it without any problems from Google Play , and use it partially for free. However, if you have an Office 365 account, you can log in and everything becomes quite simple.

Not everyone knows that Word is for Android, but sometimes it helps a lot. In particular, it can be used to work with documents that were started on the computer. And you can just check the grammar and typos in the text. For example, before writing a large email, a comment on a social network, or a message in a messenger.

Google translator – the easiest translation

A conversation about working with text would not be complete without mentioning the translator. Even people who understand a foreign language sometimes just need to translate a large text so as not to waste time reading it. Or simply do not reprint, for example, a letter from foreign colleagues.

The simplest and most understandable translator can be called the variant from Google. It is simple, without unnecessary functions, but at the same time it even has voice translation and photo translation.

In general, the texts are quite high quality. There are other translators of no less good quality, but the application from Google is completely free and this is its main advantage.

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