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Xiaomi. Is it possible to use a Xiaomi smartphone instead of a fitness bracelet?


Xiaomi ecosystem of modern devices is designed in such a way that when buying a smartphone, you definitely need to purchase some other gadget in addition. For example, wireless headphones or smart watches. Healthy lifestyle lovers prefer fitness bracelets – a great addition to a smartphone to count calories, pulse or distance traveled. Owners of Xiaomi smartphones are doubly lucky – you can install the Mi Health application with a set of useful functions on your phone. But can a smartphone replace a fitness bracelet? Today we will figure out how Mi Health works in Xiaomi and what it can do.

What is Mi Health in Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Mi Health is a branded utility for tracking health indicators, which has now been renamed Mi Fitness: activity, sleep and women’s health. Some data is collected automatically, for example, others must be entered manually. Based on the indicators, the application issues health points – a kind of assessment of well-being. Mi Fitness and Mi Fit (now Zepp Life) should not be confused, although they have similar functions. Surprisingly, Mi Health can work without being tied to a fitness bracelet, allowing you not to spend money on additional gadgets. Or you can always import data from Zepp Life. Here are the features here.

If desired, you can enter the percentage of fat, muscle mass and other indicators of body composition, but you can find out only with the help of smart scales, since neither a smartphone nor a fitness bracelet registers these data.

How to track your snoring on your smartphone?

Fitness bracelets and more or less modern smart watches have a cool feature – snoring detection. Jokes apart, but obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disease characterized by impaired breathing. Finding it is extremely difficult, especially if you live alone. Luckily, Xiaomi figured out how to do this with a smartphone and implemented snoring detection in Mi Fitness.

Finding this feature is extremely difficult: most likely, it is activated either when a fitness bracelet is connected, or after sleep, when the phone is nearby and records the sounds around. After that, it prompts you to activate snoring detection in the application settings, and in the morning it issues a report after waking up. This way you will know that something is wrong with your sleep and it is time to contact a specialist. Unfortunately, the smartphone will not be able to determine the sleep phases and time, so you will have to connect one of the accessories or enter the time yourself.

How best to count calories?

Fitness bracelet is the most accurate tool for daily calculation of calories burned. Of course, the indicators cannot be called 100 percent accurate, you always need to keep in mind that there is a certain error. But measuring calories burned with a smartphone is not an easy task. In Mi Fitness, you can turn on the training mode for running outdoors, having previously allowed access to the location, or on a treadmill – for this you will need to specify where to install the smartphone.

In both cases, the data will vary greatly, and calories will not be measured based on your heart rate and running intensity, but according to pre-built algorithms – just like on the treadmill screen. That is, you can turn it on and off, leaving it running, and calories will still be counted. The best thing to do is to compare them with the performance of a fitness bracelet: for this you need to add them up and divide them in two, after which you will get a more or less accurate result.

As we can see, you can go in for sports and monitor your health without a fitness bracelet, but the data will be very far from the truth, and some functions will not be available at all. In addition, wearing a sports accessory on your arm is much easier than constantly taking a smartphone with you for a walk. On the other hand, with the help of one smartphone it is really possible to record important data: weight, sleep time and the number of steps are available in Mi Fitness – usually this is enough to get in shape.

Thank you for your attention!

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