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What can Android translators do? Here are 6 features that will surprise you.


The development of modern technologies affects all spheres of our life, including intercultural relations. For some 10-15 years it was even impossible to imagine that very soon it would be possible to read foreign websites without knowing a foreign language, correspond with native speakers of another language and instantly translate videos. All these are the achievements of technological progress, which can be appreciated by any owner of a smartphone on the Android operating system. I tell you what features translation apps now have, and how they simplify our lives.


1. How to translate websites into English.

I think many of you use this feature. If not, I highly recommend testing it. Almost all browsers on Android have a page translation option, and sometimes it is turned on by default. As soon as you open a foreign site, its content is instantly translated into English.

To activate the translation, you need to call the context menu of the browser and click the “Translate” button. This feature is available in most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex Browser.

2. Translation of video in chrome browser.

Compared to other web browsers, Chrome’s functionality stands out. In addition to translating pages, he is ready to offer off-screen translation of videos from several languages:

Moreover, the translation option also works in broadcasts. If you open a foreign video in Chrome Browser, you may notice a pop-up window with the text “Translate”. Click the button to watch the video in Russian, regardless of the original language.

3. Keyboard with translator.

There are enough browsers for today. Let’s talk about other applications that help us communicate comfortably with native speakers of other languages. Many keyboards, including Gboard and SwiftKey, have a built-in translator. Usually its button is located at the top of the input tool, but sometimes it is hidden in the advanced settings.

With this keyboard function, you can chat with a person from any country

The keyboard with translator automatically converts your text, allowing the interlocutor to immediately understand what you want to convey to him. This is much more convenient than copying words into a separate application each time. It would be even more convenient to use the auto-translate function in messengers, but so far it is not widely used, so you have to limit yourself to the capabilities of the keyboard.

4. How to translate text from a photo into English

Highly specialized translator applications also have cool functions. And among the best programs for translating into Russian, I would single out the following:

Each of these applications can translate text from an image, for which the user needs to follow a few simple steps:

Next, a translator window with a picture will appear on the screen, where almost every word is written in English. If desired, the image can be enlarged to see it in detail. But, if your picture has a low resolution, it will be difficult to translate from a photo.

5. Translator from phone camera.

Also, Android translators can translate text in real time. That is, it is enough to point the smartphone camera at a foreign word, and you will immediately receive a translation. This can be done through both Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

Perhaps this feature is the most useful among all the features that modern translators offer. Just imagine: having a smartphone with a camera in your hands, you can walk around any foreign city, instantly translating all signs into English. Isn’t it a miracle?

6. Translation of the dialogue into English.

Finally, I’ll tell you about another extremely useful feature that is present in most translators for the phone. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, millions of residents of our country for the first time got the experience of communication with foreign citizens. To understand each other, many used Google Translate, but at that time the dialogue function was not sufficiently developed in it, when the application automatically translates the speech of two people. Now she has appeared. And it is present in almost all translator applications.

In Google Translate it’s called – “Conversation”, in Microsoft Translator it’s called – “Split Translation”. Go to the desired section, put the smartphone in close proximity to yourself and the interlocutor, then start chatting, and the application will voice it in the desired language after each phrase.

Thank you for your attention!

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