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How to fall asleep quickly. 3 best apps for insomnia


How to fall asleep quickly?

Probably, each of you knows that the smartphone is the main enemy of healthy sleep. Sticking to Tik Tok in the evening or reading the news on Telegram, a person is at great risk of not getting enough sleep and ruining the next working day. But the situation can be reversed by simply installing a best apps for insomnia. And, although such utilities seem monotonous and useless to someone, I found 5 truly unique programs, each of which in its own way approaches the process of your timely going to bed.

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1. Loóna – meditation for sleep.

A sensational sleep app that launched in 2019 and made a name for itself a year later by winning Google Play’s Best of 2020 Awards. This should be reason enough for you to download Loóna, but I’ll tell you a little more about the program.

On first launch, the app asks a few questions, trying to figure out why the person can’t sleep. After filling out a short questionnaire, the user selects one of the proposed slipscapes – interactive stories that help to go to bed earlier. While listening to the narrator, you can hold your smartphone in front of you, so that you can then complete a small task (for example, color a picture). If you still can’t fall asleep, turn on soothing music, which is also available in the Loóna app.

Despite the fact that the program looks cool and is liked by millions of Android smartphone owners, I was tired of intrusive offers to get premium access. A dialog box asking you to pay $29.99 for 12 weeks or $44.99 for 12 months pops up after almost every action. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the subscription. But then access to most slipscapes will be closed, and advertising will become one of the obstacles to sleep.

2. Sleepo – sounds for sleep.

This program is a completely different kind, which is an application with sounds for sleep. Moreover, unlike most other similar utilities, Sleepo offers the user to set the background music for sleep by combining various effects from a fire to sea waves.

The resulting mixes can be saved to listen to them in the future. Ads in the application are not intrusive and do not interfere with going to bed. But there are still in-app purchases. Sleepa offers a subscription for $4.99/month or $24.99/year to unlock all available sounds.

3. Sleep Sounds – soothing music for sleep.

The next application also allows you to listen to sleep music. The difference from the previous program is a more pleasant design, as well as the presence of ready-made mixes, which by default run for 20 minutes. If you wish, you can always change the sleep timer and the content of the background music by adding new effects.

There are very few intrusive offers to subscribe for $14.99 per month or $5.99 per year. But there are ads. It is displayed as a small banner at the bottom of the screen and periodically appears when switching between menu items. It only makes sense to subscribe to premium access if you want to unlock more sleep sounds.

Special applications are not the only way to fall asleep if you can’t sleep. You can check out other tips on how to fall asleep using your phone. Believe me, many ways will surprise you and, perhaps, help you defeat insomnia once and for all.

Thank you for your attention!

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