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How to cut video on phone. Free apps without watermark


When preparing a text with a story about how to make a ringtone for a call, I caught myself thinking that in addition to music, we sometimes need to cut the video on the phone. For example, to save space on the internal drive, or simply to save extremely important fragments taken with a smartphone camera. Cropping involves not only changing the duration, but also cropping the video. And today we will figure out how to properly crop a video, and what is needed for this.

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1. How to crop video in gallery

You can trim home videos without the help of special programs, simply by referring to the standard Gallery application. On smartphones from some manufacturers, the utility has a wide range of functions, including a full-fledged editor. In particular, this applies to the Xiaomi gallery.

Next, rendering will begin, after which the video will be saved as a copy of the original video. I note that cropping in the built-in Xiaomi editor is carried out only with the help of templates. That is, you will not be able to select the area of ​​the frame yourself. If you are not satisfied with this state of affairs, or there is no editor in the gallery, take a look at other ways to trim video on Android.

2. Google Photos – Lossless Crop Video

The Google Photos app is installed by default on most Android smartphones. If you don’t have it, download the program from the link. After comparing several video editors for Android, I can say with confidence that in terms of quick video cropping, Google Photos has no competitors. Firstly, the application does not spoil the quality of the video. Secondly, there are no watermarks on the output. Thirdly, Google Photos offers not only cropping, but also manually cropping videos on your phone.

With the video open, click the “Edit” button to get to the editor. By default, a window will appear on the screen where you can trim the video without losing quality using the sliders. And in the next tab you will find advanced cropping tools, including even changing the angle.

3. YouCut – video editor in English.

The following application is a complete video editor for Android. And, although the program was developed by the controversial InShot studio, there are no watermarks inside YouCut, which made me include the utility in the list. After launching the YouCut application, it immediately prompts you to select a video. Next, you need to click the “Crop” button, select the desired segment and confirm saving.

YouCut also offers to adjust the video quality, but if you artificially increase the resolution or frame rate, nothing will change dramatically. Better pay attention to the fact that cropping in the application is carried out through the “Cut” tab, which is not immediately evident. In general, YouCut is a very cool video processing application without serious drawbacks. You can only find fault with the presence of advertising.

4. Video Crop & Trim – quickly trim video

In addition to YouCut, I went through several other popular video editors for Android, but all of them were either with a huge amount of built-in ads or gave out a video with a watermark. The exception to the rule was the Video Crop & Trim program. There are no significant shortcomings, as well as additional functions. This is probably the easiest app to trim or crop a large video.

After selecting a file, you will immediately be taken to the editor. Note that Video Crop & Trim automatically crops the video. Therefore, if you do not want to lose the quality of the video, you will have to manually stretch the selected area. Well, or, on the contrary, select only the desired piece of the frame. The lower slider also allows you to adjust the rendering speed by using less or more CPU resources. But, if the Video Crop & Trim application suddenly seems ideal to you, I hasten to upset: the translation here is crooked.

Thank you for your attention!

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