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3 Best Android Players That Can Play Music Offline


They will be useful for those who do not want to depend on the level of mobile signal and prices for streaming services.


AIMP is a hugely popular player for Windows and its Android version is very good too. The program is made in the spirit of old-school players like the classic Winamp. It does not have a built-in library, and the user himself distributes his music to manually created playlists. And this is a rather convenient approach for those who do not want to bother with organizing tags, genres and covers in their collection, but are just going to throw a couple of dozen downloaded songs into the player.

The player supports an impressive number of audio formats. In addition, it allows you to listen to Internet radio, just like its older brother on Windows. The program has smart playlists, and you can easily create, for example, an automatic selection of songs for 2021 in the Rock genre. There’s also a sleep timer if you want to fall asleep to music, and a 20-band equalizer. The program is free and contains no ads.

2. Musicolet

Small but extremely powerful player. Its feature is the ability to create more than one playback queue, as in most applications, but several at once – up to 20.

This is a rather original solution that complements traditional playlists well. Let’s say you listen to music and at the same time leaf through your music library, find a cool track and realize that you want to turn it on. But not now, but in 10 minutes. To do this, simply throw it into a parallel queue and start it when you are in the mood. Musicolet also displays in the system shade the name of not only the current song, but also the name of two others that follow it in the queue.

The player is equipped with a built-in equalizer, allows you to customize the behavior of the headset button, can edit tags and supports lyrics in LRC format. Lock screen and widgets available. There are light and dark themes.

And what really attracts in the Musicolet interface is the layout of the controls. All buttons and tabs are placed at the bottom to make it convenient to operate the program with one hand. The app is free and does not have a premium version or in-app purchases.


Poweramp is the clear favorite among Android music players. The program can be used for 15 days free of charge.

Powerapm is a veteran of the Google Play apps and has been updated and developed for over 10 years. The player has literally everything that even the most sophisticated music lover needs. An advanced library lets you sort your large collection of music by categories such as artists, genres, albums, and ratings.

If you want to organize everything beautifully, Poweramp will help you with tags and even download covers. And if you don’t want to spend time raking your music library, displaying music by folders is also supported. The player can not only edit meta-information in your files, but also download lyrics.

Especially worth mentioning is the “Lock Screen” feature. Poweramp can replace your standard lockscreen, so you get an advanced music control interface as soon as you take your phone out of your pocket – no unlocking required. It is more convenient than the standard Android music widget, but does not work on some firmwares. Poweramp also has integration with Google Assistant, Chromecast and Android Auto.

The player equalizer is just a miracle with which you can get good sounding music from a variety of headphones. The program supports many types of files, including loseless formats. In general, if you really intend to store a large collection of music on your phone, Poweramp is definitely worth paying attention to.

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